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I challenge you to Nyan-Cat! (Thread)

So, recently someone... cough cough @Yotsu... linked me to nyan-cat and I swear to whoever you believe in that the tune is waaaay too catchy to drop..


  1. Screenshot or it didn't happen. (Due to CL recent changes, you might want to upload your screenshots to to prevent any rule-breaking)
  2. It'd be nice if you converted your seconds to hours. Just type "12345 sec to hours" into google. Quick and easy :D
  3. Be nice and have fun not being able to watch any videos on your computer. XD
151,790.1 seconds = 42.1639167 hours


What the fuck man, what the fuck.

o_o I can't do that and I really really wouldn't. xD

damn, this tune is addicting

I think someone left it on for a few days in the background. Or photoshop? Part of the image seems to be missing.

uhm peopel could also still cheat by just muting their headphones or soemthing..

I'll do this challenge once I get home XD

42 hours?!!!???! this is madness O_e
but the tone is catchy

I'd hit that, but have to restart my PC frequently these days due to updates sigh

Not gonna leave my laptop on for this long. Sorry~

Haha! I approve! You are win, Stapler! ;D

I hate you.

Yet I love you at the same time.

Nope, no photoshop allowed.
And yes, i did mute it, because I have to use this laptop at school. hibernate and sleep function is broken...
So this laptop has seriously been on for 2 days...
and the lid was never ever put down.
(I walked and took the bus with a laptop open in my hands)

[EDIT:] oh yeahh. If you open it now, there's that tweet the time thing. 2 days ago, there wasn't any such features...and I REFUSE to that might be why the image is different.

Wow, the Japanese translation they give is so full of mistakes, it actually hurt to the point that I stopped Nya'ing after seeing it.

Nyan Cat is just SO CUTE. I had to stop at about 1100 seconds yesterday (when I was told about this website) because I was late ;;""
I'll try getting some real scores (not just leaving the PC on with no sound and doing another things) some day.

PS: SO. CUTE. kicked


Aww man...I actually like the Nyan language one...
but I can't refresh cuzzz......>:D

I accept your challenge, 'swipe.



Today, at band class, they told us to bring our laptops...and we did. And they said "LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP ON THE SHELF! WE WILL UPDATE THEM!"


I feel like I just sent my baby to the slaughter-house to be slaughtered when I could've kept it safe in my locker...
This is 60.212 Hours...

[EDIT:] I just restarted...but I'm very very likely to turn off my laptop on Friday because I would have to travel a loooooong way with it...

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