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I challenge you to Nyan-Cat! (Thread) - Page 6

@iPanda's airplane Idea

I would do it if it wasn't because I have to sleep and I ALWAYS turn my computer off while sleeping OTL.. I could put on my ipod and listen to it non-stop, but it wouldn't count..

Oh, right B| Stupid airplanes.

Current uptime on one of my computers:

Challenge accepted.

Umm around 14-15 days I think. I'm sure I've been beaten..

That's worse than the chicken on a raft song.
How do you guys last so long?

Still running. Also, broke nyancat.

5843377603.4 secs = 185.8 years! I WIN !! Sorry for you all ! :D This is your new and improved Google! You know you want it :3 NYAN!

EDIT: and your new and improved Colorless too.


Because of that, I put "nyan" on my Spanish spelling test yesterday... >/<

i know! turn it on, make it sleep mode, turn off music, leave it on for a week. voila!

my computer blew up thank you nyan cat!!!!!!

try doing this

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