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are you the only one in your country/state or city? tell it here! this way, it's a means of breaching the gaps too.

i'll update this post with your replies. include where you are the only CL member in your area.

MEMBERS. IF YOU SEE TWO MEMBERS WITH THE SAME AREA, You not forever alone. You're part of the first image.:
@MyogiWarrior34 - Gold Coast, QLD Australia
@archangel - Tayabas, Quezon City, ML Philippines
@2-guard - Wisconsin USA
@Camellia - Almere, Netherlands
@keni - Stockholm
@kahellini - Nokia, Finland
@Kanna - Southampton UK
@Shinsengumi - Cikarang / President University
@Versailles - Norway
@dunno - Enschede,Netherlands
@Kuroba_Loki temporary
@Anya_Fennec - Kalamazoo College, Michigan
@PureBoredom - Louisiana, US

well I'm not alone in my country but I'm alone the town I live in

which one then @archangel? I'm forever alone in surfers paradise/gold coast - Australia. you?

@MyogiWarrior34 The solution is move to London~~~ ^o^

but if its a club, we're together alone!

@shiro, that's exactly what i'm trying to make from it - together alone... but forever alone geographically.

@kagu - if financially possible on my part i frikkin wish i thought of that years ago.

@myogiwarrior34 I'm just alone in tayabas quezon/philipines

Thread wouldn't be complete without an image...

@keiko00 thanks for the image its now complete. now, CL singles in your area/city/state/country START SHOUTING OUT IF YOU ARE F.A.

I'm alone in the city. I actually never meant to join. Fanfiction was blocked on the school computers and this wasn't so I joined.

One of my friends used to be on here but he left cause he thought it was boring >.>

I am the only one in my country whom is a member of CL~~! ;D haha.. *laughs desperately~ yay..

I'm the only CL member in my country... Sad but true "XD

i'm the only one around my area ; ^ ;

The only reason i joined Colorless b/c of Durarara, i wanted to get some VStudio code to make my own "Dollars chat room" now im one of the guys... and forver alone in Wisconsin Q - Q )

I bet there's more people @2-guard !

I"M FOREVER ALONE... Netherlands - Almere.

I think i'm the only one in mid New York state....
Can I join you guys? As far as I'm aware no one lives anywhere near me.

PLEASE!!!!! :33

17294 members. Theres has to be at least one person close by in everyones area. I'm sure theres someone lurking near where I live.

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