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FOREVER ALONE CLUB (Thread) - Page 4

@hais I'M NOT FROM CARDIFF!! Near it. Begins with an S. Hehehe.

Same here. at cali T.T

Half of the mods here are from cali, so I would highly doubt that.

Mee T__T


@hais YES!!!!!!!!! ffff I'm gonna PM you so no one can creep up in here

Well I just joined this because I really don't have any friends or family anymore and I kinda lost connection with humanity as a whole it just seems my heart is slowly becoming hard as ice so would you mind if I joined you guys

All the new people who have posted and declared their forever alone-ness, WELCOME. NOW WE ARE TOGETHER ALONE!

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia:) I'm kind of alone because i don't think anyone is worth being ultra-super-special-otaku-friends with. And no-one loves meeeeee~
Excepting my so-largly-oversized-its-probably-illegal family, of course.

EL Centro, C.A
im forever alone, i don't think anybody from here is close to where i am ;A;

forever alone... club? kinda contradicts itself.

I watch you sleep

I am ok with this.

I still haven't found anyone from PA...

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