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Recreational Drugs! (Thread)

Personally, I share a love/hate relationship with weed. I love the feeling but hate the social frownings :S

Also a regular roller of E, which is fantasmic.

I smoke weed almost everyday whereas doing E is more of a rare thing. Ya dig?

Yay? Nay?
What do you do/ want to try?
What's your vice, cl?

Absolutely positively not....

The only weed I'm okay with is seaweed.
ಠ_ಠ Drugs are bad, unless for medical reasons.

What are these beautiful colorful pills? There's LOVE written on them, they can't possibly be bad.

Noob question here. Whats an "E"? An Elephant?

Anyway, yeah, I can name a couple of people I know IRL that constantly smoke pot. I myself am not a big fan of the short term high it makes me feel because I usually end up laughing nonstop.

I notice though that pot is very common amongst college students. Most notably the ones that are in the field of arts. Coincidence?

im meh :P
to me it's like a thing where it's fun if you have them but you not gonna die if you don't have them :P

actually that kinda sounds like my actual relationship ... dear me OTL

@One "E" is Ecstasy.

I say nay. Drugs fucked up my life. And I think it's sad when people can't have a good time without being under some sort of influence.

So far all I've tried is weed. I kinda wanna try more things, like acid, but I'm kinda iffy about it. Some of the times I have smoked weed, it was such an enormous amount that I started to fight it because I couldn't think straight. I want the experience, just to have the experience, and then end it. I wouldn't say it's all completely bad 100% because i'd hate to be on either the love/hate side of it, but i don't accept any of it as an everyday use.

I can't condone the use of recreational drugs. No i'm not full on your a druggie if you smoke weed, but If you've seen the stuff i've seen you'd understand why i just can't...

I am a virgin in many ways.

I hate drugs... I was on morphine for an accident I had a couple years ago, and not only did I absolutely hate how I felt on it, I was addicted. I didn't want to take it because of how dizzy I felt when I took it, and how I couldn't stand up straight or keep my eyes open, but if I stopped taking it I felt even worse than I did when I did take it.
It was awful, and I can't even imagine myself taking drugs willingly. Not only are they illegal and unsafe, but they impair your motor and cranial functions and can be highly addictive. They'll end up ruling your life.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, E, LSD, Bars and the like, are illegal for a reason. They are more dangerous than other recreational drugs, such as alcohol or tobacco, and are thus more strictly monitored.

While I do not care for them, I do use alcohol and tobacco, in social situations, to expand my social circle, within reason. I do not drink more than I want, even when under pressure, and I usually just let cigarettes/Black and Milds burn off, taking an occasional puff. While I consider myself unique, and in charge of my own actions, it can really hurt your social standing if you refuse to follow the crowd on something as "harmless" as drinking. As such, you can make concessions, while still not allowing yourself to be a mindless sheep.

Overall, drugs are bad, but can help you in social situations. Be safe, yo.

Nah, I don't do that shit any more. Smoked pot a few times but I could never enjoy it.

I don't have a problem with people that do drugs unless it runs their life. I can't stand when my friends need to be high every day, that's just a shitty way to live.

No man, no. I know some people who smoke weed, use ecstasy, etc, etc. But the end always ain't good. Just no. :|

Serious post time. While I do not condome the use of any kind of drug or drinking heavely, if you wish to do so then just becareful and try not to get addicted to them. Also, though I like to drink sometimes, I will not drink just because I want to fit in or be apart of the cool kids. I do what I want, when I want and how I want. I really don't give a crap what people think of my lifestyle cause hell I am the only one in control of my life and not anyone else since I know what I want and don't want. If people don't think I am cool cause I don't drink everyday or smoke pot then they can go fuck off.

Besides I am one of those guys that know how to have a good time without getting so drunk I can't speak right or be stoned out of my mind so I am good. But in the end whatever you choose to do, just be safe and take responsibility of your actions.

agreed with @Chenno_Striker. Exactly how I think.


No drugs, no alcohol, no cigs—none of that shit touches me. Hell, I don't even take medication unless I absolutely have to.

A lot of people do drugs, and in the end, that's their business. As long as it doesn't become my business in some way (and this has happened way too many times with drugs and alcohol, hence my very emphatic no), then whatever, cool. Keep it to yourself and enjoy in moderation like a proper adult.

all drugs can be useful for one reason, messing with neurotransmitters in our brain and such and since I take many drugs already (for medical purposes to deal with my ADHD and other such problems) I am quite indifferent about drugs. I would say there not bad in the right quantities but addiction and all would be bad due to the effects certain drugs have on the brain.
as for tobacco, why people do it makes no sense to me. it tastes bad and makes you cough and has no long or short term benefits unless you count dying of lung cancer as good. it's basically a pit where money is dropped to satisfy nicotine addiction. but what people choose to do is there problem so I'm not going to interfere with their lives.
all drugs, including medical ones, can have a beneficial purpose but usually have undesired side effects. it's all a matter of weighing the good and the bad and deciding if its worth it or not.
from a business perspective it is quite profitable and if governments legalized the currently illegal drugs they could tax them and get lots of money and impose limits and such. but all that is up to the governments to decide if thats worth it or not and as long as they don't mess with my life they can do whatever they want.
People: do whatever the hell you want. it's not my life, I can't say whats wrong or not.

Don't give

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