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Comfort food. (Thread)

what food or drink cheers you up when you're down? :D

Icecream and cookies ^_^ but I usually hold myself because I don't wanna get fat T_T

i can eat ice cream regardless of mood, temperature or season. i can even eat ice cream when its -10 degrees or something.
though i never thought about hich food cheers me up, but probably chocolate, since chocolate sets free endorphines, so it shoudl cheer everyone up.

Chocolate, Ice Cream, Macaroni and Cheese, etc.
Stuff I grew up with.

Ice cream, no matter what.

Some pringles :D

countless bowels of frosted flakes

Coke I don't care if it's warm or cold it's great anywhere or anytime.

Death Crystals or Chocolate, although the former is considerably easier to find than the latter.

Ice Cream. Though I usually have none in my house TT.


One time I was very angry and sad at something, but then I ate some soup and was all happy again. XD

Dr. Pepper and Ben&Jerry's. The only two men who can support you the most is Ben & Jerry.

Toast. Or peanut butter. Or toast with peanut butter~ :'D

anything sweet~

I don't seem to have a particular comfort food, I just tend to eat twice as much, twice as fast.

you're pretty potato , I think you look fine

...what's the point in comforting food though ?

mangoes and plumes

Cherry, candies and chocolateee!!!

Nutella, your processed hazelnut goodness always makes me feel better~

Everything that can goes in my stomach.
(Valid When I just finished crying)

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