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Comfort food. (Thread) - Page 2

And ice cream.

Tomato soup for me
or maybe some coke and a packet of crisps should do the trick

I'm probably weird, but.. mashed potato. I'm kinda addicted to gravy too, so boosting my mood will be easy.

Anything I've cooked.

Ice cream, dumplings with some type of filing, fried clams that type of stuff oh I almost forgot sweets!
Though I eat those all the time cause they are just that good. ( even ice cream in the winter.)

I'd have to say a Rice omelet. I calms me down since it takes me so long to make it. Any other things would have to be something I make. If that doesn't work. Ice cream!

Cake. All other answers are invalid.

Vanilla cheesecake, ahhh...

Chicken and rice soup, neopolitan ice cream, pepsi, mac n' cheese, grilled cheese and tomato soup, or banana lumpia (Philipino dish, pretty much a fried banana egg roll :3)

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