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If Colorless didn't exist... what would you likely be doing? (Thread)

If Colorless didn't exist... what would you likely be doing?

I suggest this thread change into a...

"If Colorless didn't exist... what would you likely be doing?" thread.

For me, I'd probably be fishing. Either that or watching more anime.

If that's even possible...

Please explain what exactly you want to be discussed in here @123-456-7890 , It looks like a very pointless thread in my eyes.

@Fieyr i think thats a good idea

Playing Wii i guess

Same as I am now, with the exception of checking a certain site which would not exist every 3-5 minutes.

I would probably be playing WoW. Maybe watching anime...

I would be creating such site.
Simple as that.

If this site didn't exist, I'd probably have Google as my homepage, and right now I'd be sleeping =O

If this site didn't exist I would be doing the same as always minus visiting this site. =P

Same as @Issaor and @ImagineBreaker, the same thing, just not visiting here. Just paying more attention to the other things to "fill the hole".

The same thing I did before coming to this site. Watching anime or being on a different site.

playing mmorpgs all day
watching anime the next day
and watching 2 episodes of supernatural every night

Doing w.e I usually do with less distractions xD.

DO THINGS NORMALLY less the fact that the group that rabus you the way you want to be rabu'd is nowhere to be found...

For other people, this happens:

College, Real life, watching anime and playing video games.

Either way I would be sad if this website ever close down but I will move on eventually.

Watching anime and finding another way to not do my hw.

playing boring games again... talk in skype and watch p*rn :P

Tumblr. I'm there more than I am here anyway.

having a life

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