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Chat avatars clarification (Thread)

Okay, so here's how it works. Every day, at certain times, I have a small program that reads your avatars, try to detect the most significative colors, then I pick the most "interesting" of the bunch. It's a custom algorithm that's trained to avoid pastel tones and too-bright colors.

It runs twice a day, at 5 am and 5 pm, london time (Server-tan lives in London)

If your color isn't right, send a small screenshot to me via PM, it's more convenient and I'll have more "edge cases" to test against.

So, that's it.


I'm guessing cyan is a part of the "too-bright colors" group?

Explain to me how grey can be the most interesting color on my gravatar, please. I would prefer to have my chatbubble black-ish, really.

in my part, I'm satisfied because purple is my dear color and my chatbubble color now. Thanks.=)

My chatbubble is poop color. But whatever :/

I agree with @Kirn I am really interested in that algorithm however something like this is probably best for users to decide... maybe have it select a pallet for them to chose out of from their G-avy? I don't know but its interesting.

Well, at first mine was like a flesh color, but it changed to orange! it's really cool how you did this~ My mind cannot wrap around it. X_X


Color detection + special algorithm ^^

glass...I love my chat color <3

Well, I'm still somehow with @Kirn, and so I'd like to see BOTH ways in the future.
Automatic detection + a solid palette of colors to pick from, which, of course, need to be picked by hand, I guess, and checked for readability and all that.

I think giving people the opportunity to decide on their own while having a fresh, avatar-oriented breeze as default would be the way most people would feel comfortable with.

Aside from that, @glassx, I'm proud of you *ho-fists*

Server-tan has a british accent?

Aside from that, @glassx, I'm proud of you ho-fists



What the fu-

@DarkChaplain ho-fists, dude

@NGH "Don't ask don't tell"

@NGH you'll never understand it anyway xP



I am going to visit server-tan when I one day get to London.
Our meeting will not be SFW.

btw, is it just me or is the automatic change still not working like it should?

.3. )/ may I have my bright lime green back, one day?

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