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any info for persona 5? (Thread)

is it just a rumor that p5 iis coming or maybe there really is? i'll be glad to be informed.!!

Gomen ne, Kida san, even there's rumor outta there that Persona 5 will be releasedm but I myself still unsure about The release date~ but i've heard Atlus has confirmed about persona 5, but no release date, trailer, etc~


.. Wait, did i just blockquote that stupid face?

Arigatou ne, for the effort. I have checked on myself. And i haven't found any p5 release. Maybe it will be by the time of release for p4 anime.

Well, as far as we all know, there is a Persona 5 in progress; it has been confirmed, and Shoji Meguro is working on the music once again. But other than that, we don't know too much about P5. = 3=

I think shoji meguro is the producer this time. It's revealed right? But the other problem is in which platform is it going to be released? Psp, 3ds, ps3, xbox360?

@kida i believe it is planned to be released on high-end consoles, ala ps3 and/or xbox360, i think i read that they said to consider catherine also a kidn of trainign to master the hardware and how to program for those

@break: it really makes sense. Because the persona team is the one responsible for catherine. WAIT!! Maybe the reason why p5 is not yet released because persona team have been busy on making catherine all this time. It really makes sense, isn't it?

ehm yeah, thats what i aid i read they said^^

Actually, it's going to be released for PS3 only. Looked it up already~

@break can you stop mentioning me on your posts? i'm getting emails about this.

@kida You can turn them off you know. o___o

And he was talking to @-Masaomi_Kida-.

@Taiphlosion i know. turning it off is a hassle;

@Kida It...really isn't, you just go to your profile and uncheck a box. Takes about a max of ten seconds to do. o-o;

Turning it on isn't ;)

@Taiphlosion N-No. i think you dont get what i meant. i dont mind getting emails from colorless but just not the ones which had me mentioned in their posts when they're directing to someone else instead.

You also didn't say that....but I'm sure @break didn't mean to mention you in his post. And quickest way to solve that issue is to turn it off altogether. = u=;

So yeah, how bout that Persona 5.

we need P5 on PS3 fuck 360 (not that i have anything against 360 users) sinc e its annoying people having to whine on y some games are on 360 instead of PS3 and Vice-Versa

@kida im sorry i didnt know there was someone with that name here, i just meant to shorten @masaoni-kida s name, sry

I doubt we see anything relating to P5 this year. Maybe early next if were lucky.

P5 going to Xbox is all depending on Catherine. If it's well received on that console we could see the first Persona title on a Non-Sony console. Along with that could present ports of previous persona games or full game downloads via PSN/XBL(this is just my fanboyish hopes getting the best of me :<). Still I agree with @animeftw that I don't want to see ANYTHING Persona related on 360, but as i want all the companies I adore to make tons of money I'm willing to share the love with them<3

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