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Yo, bro! The other kida is here!! Sorry if we bother you!
Anyway, I really wish p5 is in ps3 and/or psp. The xbox360 sucks. It's hard for me to control because the analogs are at assymetric. And the persona team have been faithful to playstation, right? So it's possible that this time, it's ps3 exclusive too. BTW, what theme do you think will p5 use? P3 is urban highschool life. P4 is rural h.s. Life!!

Maybe, but anything is possible this day and age.

As for themes I want something that looks stylish, yet dark like older Shin Megami Tensei games. Persona 5 in general might be a another turning point in the series, it'll carry the same scenario that's to be sure, but like the change from P2 to P3 we saw the addition of simulation introduced to the series. So i'm really looking forward to what they will try to incorporate this time.

Another thing i'm looking forward to is the music. Persona 3 music changed the RPG generation, yea I like boss themes for most games, but standard battle themes usually annoy me. When I first heard "Mass Destruction" I was shocked and excited at what i was about to play.

I was thinking if p5 has a theme of DRRR!!
Like, a transfer student (mikado) and his bestfriend (kida) found out that the urban legends out there are a threat to humanity. So together with izaya, shizou, the mad scientist, celty (an ally urban legend), seika (an ally urban legend) and simon, they are going to defend ikebukuro from shadows who disguised as the colored gang.

Dang, I'm so poor. I'll have to buy a PS3 now LOL
Yeah, I still don't have one. I'm too old school for that (Nooott! i just have no $$) :P

I really want P5 though! can't wait for trailer!!

they should definatley add a MC birthdy event as well as a halloween event

So guys...just so you know...P5 is going to be on PS3 ONLY. Go look that shit up. If I'm wrong, whatever, sue me. But that's what I heard.

@animeftw I agree. That would be very interesting to watch.

@Settsuo-kun Maybe have P5 set in America, perhaps? Then they have a lot more to play around with.

I'd rather they make another SMT game than a persona game.

@Taiphlosion Maybe, but if they do I'm looking for NYC and they had better be in college.

@Haikuu Yea I feel you I know Strange Journey is confimed to be SMT: 4 but I'm looking for a console based SMT. Since I'm up I'm Goin to blow the dust off my Ps2 and start another playthrough on NOCTURNE ^^

@Settsuo-kun Fuck yeah, that'd be sick as hell. They could still implement the same thing they did in P3 and add the Dark Hour here in America. I dunno, I'm just speculating. :P

Here are some rumors for p5 now!!
It is said that Nyx, Erebus and Izanami are minions of Philemon, the original enemy. It is said that he is the one pulling the strings behind. And Igor is a servant of philemon who is told to guide people with potentials. It is also said that few characters in the previous series are going to join in maincasts and that philemon will have an appearance there.

@masaomikida that sounds a lot liek it wil be the last persona...

@break: who knows, but they are now trying to connect things up. Remember, persona series has really no connections exposed between them. And it's not said whether philemon will be a boss there. Afterall, this has no guarantee.

@-Masaomi_Kida- Are you sure you didn't come up with this idea? Cause it really doesn't sound like a rumor to me. o 3o

That theory sounds odd because Philemon is typically a positive force in Persona; even in the later ones where his role is understated.The butterfly save points in P4 are supposed to represent Philemon watching over the protagonist.

I didn't make up ideas. It's been secretly spread in the internet. But what questions me is the very intention of philemon. Because being a good and bad character don't make sense.

@masaomi philemons true intentiosn are makign the protags live an adventure to entertain us players. which means that aatlus iis philemon. OHMYGAWD

I'll speculate:
a transfer student had a contract with igor in his dream. The following day, he fell and stuck in a different dimention where shadows dwell. There he met a female persona user. When the female is in trouble, he unconsciously summoned his persona and defeated the enemy. The woman offered him to join an association to defeat shadows. By that time, shadows have spread throughout japan. They need to look other persona users to help them. They found p1 protagonist fighting shadows in their city. The association helped him and asked the p1 protagonist to join in return. Same happened in p2 female and male protagonists, p3 female and male protagonists, and p4 protagonist. They defeated the shadows and fought the boss(normal ending). But there are still unanswered questions. When they regroup and talked about this, they found out that someone must be pulling the strings behind. They found out that it's philemon. They fought elizabeth, margaret,(the boy assistant in p3p) and after that is igor then he showed his true form as philemon afterwards. After defeating him, the persona and shadows disappeared. The end
Note: it's just my speculation based from the rumor.

@-masaomi_Kida- Philimon is not the bad guy. Philimon is one of the reasons why the characters in the p1&2 don't need a evoker and cards to summon their personas. the reason why in p3&4 they need something to summon their personas because they did not meet him. He is like the helper to every person who can use their personas. Like a guide in their adventures.

Rejoice Atlus faithful, Persona 5 has not had word yet. However!

Also, no Evoker was needed in P4

I'm sure there is a little trailer of sorts already developed, but since Atlus is held up by other games (plus the earthquake recovery and recent PSN hackings), they won't release it yet, much like Square Enix with Versus XIII and Type-0.

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