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Make a cat. [GRAVATAR TAKEOVER?] (Thread) - Page 10

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Hahaha @SteviehQ read the front page woman. Though I dare say, yours is glorious.

@nekotan i didn't care about cats at all....untill i saw this thread XD I SOO WANT ONE NOW!!!!!

@ichi-Izaya the cat was basically screaming POST ME HERE!!! that i had too XD the faces says everything XD

I never did this, so maybe I should. Better late than never 8D
did it quickly..looks like shit D:

@ngh i prepose a gravatar take over once more, what do you think?

@Zefferno It'd be difficult, but if we tried perhaps we could pull it off.

Ohey, its new me.
This is fun! :D

Grr, i don't know how to post pictures >.<

@MirRose 0___0

@MirRose 0___0

@NGH I believe we can do it

:( I tried my hardest to make Sasuke...didn't turn out very well. BUT I GAVE MY ALL!!


@Maryam_oneill i simple think it looks funky WOOP WOOP! i still need to do mine XD

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