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Whats your definition for being in love? (Thread)

when i feel n love, i thought it was the most amazing thing ever. but when i had to force myself to fall out of it, it sucked. took me almost half a year to get over it TT______TT. it would be nice to fall in love again, but ive gotta do it right this time. lol :D

fallen in love once, we had a great time 'though it's not official as we already knew we both had to live apart the following year, kinda sucks

Falling in love is so complicated. Believe it or not, I think I'm in love with a Japanese Singer/Dancer/Actress/Pianist.. Well she's a teen star in Japan. Ahhhhhhhhh. I love her so much right now. I'm Like a Bieber Fan with her. She's my Justin Bieber XD. WAIT NO. You can't compare my love for her to those who love Bieber.

SOOO.. I dont know what it means to be in love anymore...

When that person looks at you but for some reasons you can't look at her eyes.

What, what, what? What is this? Come on, people, you must not know what being in love is like..

Being in love is like....every thought, every positive emotion, every song, everything is centered on that one person. Every time you smile is due to them. When they can make you glow, and there's a noticeable difference in your smile, and you seem to be as happy as can be, and nothing can ever ever bring you down, that's when you know you're in love. least for me, when you imagine your object of affection with someone else, and you get REALLY upset, to the point of punching walls (I regret that, seriously. Do not try that at home), then there's a possibility that you're in love.. =w=;

temporary moment of retardation

high inconvenience and deadweight and insecurity peaker

a real waste of time

for me being in love is an excuse to waste money and years of your life

You people are so negative about being in love, it's kinda sad...

Oh mai so..negative this thread :O

Well for one, it is a momentary lapse in judgment.

For another, it is heaven ^___^

Opinions vary from one person to another due to experience and the like .......

Lol Love = Oh hi, I love you.

Oh really? Then I love you too, But when I have a problem I'll tell your best friend about it and you don't need to know what's wrong. I'll tell you what to do and we'll have this "I can't see your face for more than two days rule". Also I may fuck you over someday.

Oh that's fine then.

Love has a great feeling not a waste of time (no offense to people that think that) you just need to believe in your self and be open to something that you don't quite know if you want to find "somebody to love"

But the definition to love is a feeling of warm personal attachment, deep affection, sexual passion or desire to another person

Most of these definitions are quite superficial to a point. I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned one of the most important and realistic factors that will easily make or break a relationship.

love = pain.

that's all.

love is easy ..

but really care about someone is hard..

Sorry, I cannot form an opinion because I never experienced...but it is fun to read how people think love beats money and when a loving couple is poor they get separated ^_^...ah love...

Love is about trust, sacrifice and understanding.
When you love someone, it makes you want to be a better person.
When you love someone, you are willing to overlook the small things.

It hurts a lot, and for me, I do like to believe love does transcend all barriers, however it does not necessarily overcome them.

Just seeing the person you love, hearing them, or perhaps hearing their name is enough to tighten that chest a little, and makes that smile creep onto your face no matter what kind of day you are having.

Even if you see them happy with someone else, it warms your heart a little that they are happy.

It hurts, yes, and relationships end for the most stupid of reasons, yes, but can you really and truly say that love dies? I don't think so. Unless its that kind of crush you have on the hottest guy in class.

Love shouldn't be like that, it should be , as cheesy as it may sound, with someone who you feel completes you. Its not that you see everything eye to eye, or share the same taste in music and things like that. Its a different sort of click where you are challenged and you enjoy the challenge, a person with whom you enjoy silences with as much as you enjoy arguing with.

True love stays with you and changes you, not everyone can find it, and not all circumstances are forgiving enough to let it grow. But if you are lucky, yes it is the most painful yet beautiful thing in the world.

i would have no idea
its sometimes hurts
but sometimes it makes you feel happy ...i think
yeah...i really dont know. 0_0

Pain and suffering.

Oh, the saccharine teenage love musings....

I guess it can be amazing, to really care about someone and be absorbed in them entirely. But you have to be strong enough to endure the other half of it: a shitload of misunderstanding and heartache.

I personally don't care for it anymore (unless you count my shameless need for romantic comedies). Waste of my emotions, effort, and money. Bahaha. I prefer spending all that on myself, who deserves it most~ =u=;


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