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Whats your definition for being in love? (Thread) - Page 4

You find any excuse to be in the same room as that person, and once you do, you try everything to get their attention.
When you DO have their attention, you usually stutter on what to say, feel warmer inside, and are unable to stop grinning (inside or outside).
When you are unable to have that attention, you instantly feel left out/ignored and invisible. You may have the urge to leave, but know that you will be back after a few seconds.

That's basically how I felt during my first year of high school (second, if I were in a public highschool).

Basically missing him, and absolutely sure that I'll never see him again. This is my jam

Unrequited love /shotshot

Fallen in love before, and still haven't found a way out of it. I have tried dating other people and it didn't work. It's hard now but when it started, I felt fantastic. The world was mine. I could do anything.

Now I'm just a shadow of the happy-go-lucky child I used to be. A sad worn out version of her now. I've dealt with the heart ache for going on 5 years now with no end in sight. But I learned to cope with it. I hide my emotions like a professional actor.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't ever fall in love, just be careful when you do. There is no turning back once you are in it.

I'm not even sure if I've ever fallen in love with anyone seriously before.
But I think.. falling in love makes you learn how stupid you can be. How much you can sacrifice. How much you can be blind to. How many things you can read wrongly. How insecure you can be.

But if it's the right person, you also learn how the tiniest little things can make you so happy. How you can find every single imperfection in that person and love them. How you can make the whole world hate you, yet there is that person who will always stand by your side.

Love is about learning.

nothing more to say

Love is an unexplainable feeling, So the next time somebody asks you why you love them, if you have the words, you may not love that person.

Quote, T-Pain.

Complicated and at some points frustrating, but then realizing every single happy moment you've had with that person and then telling yourself everythings going to be okay.

the formula for love

stress+drama+slight moments of happiness+alot of yelling+a whole lot of other shit=love

love is not something you can pop up
you need to know the person
make the person happy
and if you are not happy with that
than that person is not the one

emotions are gay

ksjdhjds what canon said

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