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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Thread)
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is a Mahou Shoujo franchise created by Tsuzuki Masaki as well as the Eroge company Ivory who have created the Triangle Heart (TH) series.
Being a spinoff to TH3 (Nanoha is the little sister of TH3's main character) the series consists of 3 anime seasons, each of which have a adaptation manga and 2 manga series taking place after the third series StrikerS (ViviD and Force).

The first series is followed by A's taking place 6 months after the first season and StrikerS being a whole 10 years later. Recently there has been a movie adapting the first series with a 2nd movie covering the A's storyline next year.

Nanoha is well known for it's characters, soundtrack and over the top magical attacks (including attacks which would be enough to destroy an entire fleet being used on a single person). Not to mention the yuri subtext XD

The series has a some really powerful scenes in each season which would even make a man cry (I nearly did).

You can watch the opening's here:

Feel free to discuss anything about this amazing Mahou Shoujo series here, you can also include any artwork or whatever.

Gotta love this pic XD:

hm, i never knew the thing about triangle heart.
ive been wondering if the A's int hr second seaspns name is supposed to be ace...
anyways, oen of those few series that always only get better with time.

best magical girl anime ever
always wanted to play Triangle Heart, also star light breaker was epic in the Movie on blue-ray
season 1 had the best opening (i never got to fish watching season 2)

nah, i think the other openigns are better..

I really want to play TH too (at least the third one), there was an OVA that adapts the 3rd game and unlike the first 2 OVAs it isn't a hentai. So that kinda helps, though it's probably done badly, there was a drama CD included in the OVA which goes over the original Nanoha where Fate didn't exist and Nanoha's rival was Chrono instead. Kinda explains why they ditched the idea XD

There was actually an a fandisk of TH3 which followed the "original" story. Here's the OP:

Innocent Starter was pretty good, I prefer Eternal Blaze but the first opening left a strong impression on me watching it the first time. It was a fitting first opening, it was even used in the Movie though it was a music box cover:

I actually started crying when I tried to listen to this when I couldn't sleep, and that was only a few months ago!!

Also make sure you read/listen the Drama CDs since they expand on some parts of the story and even have stories which are mentioned briefly in the anime. StrikerS Sounds Stage X is pretty much an essential since the incident there is mentioned in the first chapter of Force.
To save you the trouble:

Series 1 Sound Stages -

A's Sound Stages -

StrikerS Sound Stages -

Movie 1st Sound Stages -

I watched the first episode, and this anime is in my MUST-WATCH for summer marathon ! :3 I have to finish at least the first season.

@imaginebreaker lolwhut the prototype openig gave me some seriosu WTF monets^^
@Asuka-chii make sure to watch the movie, too, it kinda shows the story of the first seaosn but better animation and t focuses on fate more and gives her more development

@break well it WAS a prototype, though it was long enough to make a fandisk -
Sure are glad we've got the Nanoha we have now right?

@Asuka-chii the first season isn't enough, it really gets epic during the second and although the 3rd didn't do too well it does the series justice at the end.

The movie is a must too, it's not the generic remake movie you tend to get, it's almost like a new experience. Oh and if you happen to have $85 spare buy the blu ray, it comes with English subtitles. Yeah the price is high but I'd be willing to pay that much XD

Also be sure to read the mangas since as mentioned earlier they have original stories, even the movie manga adaptation is different to the movie~

@imaginebreaker admit it, you just want the blu-ray because you see nanoha's nipples in the transformation sequence for a second xD
at the end the third seaosn gets unbelievably epic cpudlnt help but marathon the last ten or so episodes.

@break I've been found out XD

Jokes aside, that scene was unexpected. I heard stuff about it but I didn't even notice it until I heard then looked again and even then it took me ages to realise.

My response to that scene: "..... oh dear... thank god no one saw this, otherwise I'd be difficult to explain."

Those last episodes of StrikerS was SO worth it, I was wondering when the show would become more of awesomeness and less random stuff. They had everything drama, tragedy and even tear jerking moments(?)

As much as I loved the characters...I just can not stand the art. Sorry. OTL

@Haikku i understand what oyu mean, the weird bangs almost everyone has are just too.. weird. thouugh it gets better later, i mean in season one everyone has that weird bangs..
@breaker lol yeah, similar reaction here xD though my eyes noticed it earlier
and yes, it totally had. well, te rest of strikers was basically character introdutcion.. also lol how all of nanoha has exactly one pantyshot and thats with vivio.

That is pretty hilarious XD
Mind you there was a bath house scene in one of the drama CDs that was pretty amusing to read/listen to~
I just remembered when I watching Nanoha during lunch break, everyone around was saying stuff like "why go they all have tumors in their hair, WTF!?".
After a while toy begin to get used to it though XD

yeah, hehe. thats boudn to happen when you watch nanoha. its just that this is one thing you can usually only draw like when you show the characters head form the side, but in nanoha its also with ever other perspective which tends to look weird then.

@ImagineBreaker @Break of course I will watch the others seasons :3 but I said I have to finish at least the first season because during my summer marathon I have to finish also Sayonara zetsubu sensei the 3 seasons orz and Air, Clannad omg so many and start Kanon (+ the summer fall waiting so much for baka to test season 2 and Natsume yuujin cho 3 ~~ )

But yeah :3 I will watch also the movie don't worry xDDD !!

thanks for your advises ! :3

@Asuka-chii glad i could help XD
Some pretty good choices there, I need to watch those shows too.

@ImagineBreaker I saw on your youtube account you have almost the same taste than me. \o/

@Asuka-chii that's pretty awesome~
Come to think I haven't updates my page in a while, I should probably do that soon XD

speakig of other stuff by them, what do you guys think of dog days? i think its pretty entertaining despite the fact that it lacks almost anything that nromally would make a series entertaining, and i realy wonder what makes it so entetaining then..

I'm a fan no matter what people say. The casting is awesome,the characters are likeable and it's pretty amusing to watch. Yeah there's better things out there but I still enjoy it XD

I'm still hoping a character from the Nanoha universe appears, even in an omake would be fine. It'd be pretty interesting.

I'd call dog days Sengoku Basara minus the Bishounens and story, the battles are really enjoyable XD

@break what makes it do entertaining I'd say is how simple it actually is, it isn't trying to be good or even have a good plot. It's because it's so simple you can enjoy it without expecting much. That and the apperance of someone when they've been taken out in battle XD

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