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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Thread) - Page 2

though i ddi expect more in the first ep.. ig uess in the first ep, it wa sthe WTF moment that got oyu over that XD
and eclair. lol xD

@break it's still awesome nevertheless, just caught up on it. Seems the plot has finally started to pick up and the animation was pretty well done as usual. Yeah Eclair is pretty awesome, she's probably my favourite of the females followed by the two ninjas XD

Bringing up favourite characters who is your favourite character everyone? It might be early for some people who have just started or are about to start the series so feel free to mention yours' when you feel you can XD
They're all really likeable but my top 5 is as follows:

1) Nanoha/Fate (a joint)
2) Vita/Signum (another joint)
3) Subaru/Teana (quite a few joints huh XD)
4) Hayate
5) Vivio

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