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Chat isn't compatible with IE (Thread)

I don't care if IE sucks (yes, it does), but there are people who prefer it. And there are situations where you just are stuck with it. Over 43% of people who use the internet use IE, and this should be fixed.

Over 43% of people need to get firefox.

Or Google Chrome, Hell Even Safari!

This isn't about which is better or what people need to do, please don't let this stray from the main topic.

Maybe it's Gar's attempt to motivate people to bail on IE.

It's not his fault that Microsoft refuses to conform to industry standards for web browsers. Ask any web developer that has had to accommodate the random ass idiosyncrasies of IE. It's like caring for a spoiled child, especially when it comes to CSS. It's maddening when you spend hours coding a cool effect with Javascript/CSS and get it working in Firefox, only to find that it explodes in IE.

While I'll never understand how people can prefer IE over any of the other browsers... to each his own I suppose.

With that said... I pray for the day when the only thing compatible with IE is... Microsoft Update...

@Fieyr if that day comes, people who get a new PC coudltn use it to download a better browser though..

Yeah I agree after updates IE8 wouldn't work for chat so I upgraded to IE9 now chat works at 1/2 I can post and see messages in realtime but can't see who's online and of course this IE update makes everything over complicated and i swear my internet is generallu slower now.

@Gargron never really said to support IE anyway, hell, even firefox has issues with CL til present day.
The site was designed with Chrome in mind, and it works the best with Chrome.

@break Get a PC Magazine. You'll hardly ever find one that does not come with a disc with some software, and in 97% of the cases, essential stuff like Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Reader etc are on these discs.

Internet Explorer is improving, sure, but its nowhere near the performance of other browsers. People should simply switch over to something decent, they'll get used to it and be surprised how much they missed out on all this time.

However, I recall @i_love_otakus being a devoted Internet Explorer user. How come she can use chat and everything seemingly without issues and thus still cling to IE?

I mean, something's not right. Maybe people deactivated javascript or sth? xD

Which is still sad, 'cause we are loosing a lot of people who use IE, can't use chat and are too shy to ask about why it isn't working for them.

This is the main point.

Colorless should be more user friendly and make chat compatible with IE. It doesn't matter that the other browsers are better.

True story.

Many school/work defaults here are IE. So IE compatibility would be very convenient indeed =3
I think it requires certain plug-ins though, which is probably the problem in my school, anyway.

Chat works fine in IE, provided you allow of the use of JS, which is enabled by default. You just don't get fancy things, like rounded corners, dropshadows, or gradients, which are parts of the CSS3 standard that IE has not yet conformed to.

While I agree that it OUGHT to be fixed, and even made a thread concerning this, among other things. There ARE ActiveX controls that allow for these features, and workarounds that are possible.

@Caarbite - not to get completely off topic, but you can get a portable version of firefox from Mozilla for your flash drive. So unless they block you from running it from your flash drive... you could always do that.

But anyway, my thoughts are still... You can't expect Gar to code the website for every single software/hardware setup. When a browser like IE doesn't want to play by the rules, regardless of how popular it is, you should complain to Microsoft, not to the web developers who code for all the browsers that do follow the rules.

There's a reason why Internet Explorer is losing market share year after year...

IE usage is %25.8 and falling.
Thankfully, IE6 usage is down to %3. Hopefully within the year it will be %0.
Hate coding for that piece of garbage :( .

Oh well good. Even better :)

@DC I switched to Chrome awhile ago. Git your facts straight, your in chat 24/7 after all. :I

wow, you actually managed to lay down your habits, I'm impressed.

I don't get what's so hard about switching?

@DC ... I really only used IE because my sis is so damn used to it. It's not my default browser, I still use IE for stuff that I have bookmarked on there, but seriously. I babbled on and on about it on chat awhile ago. Gar treated me like a dog for switching. |D

@Haikku If your using a school computer then it's kind of hard to switch.

That's pretty obvious, but I meant at home.

And my school has both IE and firefox, but w/e.

I don't use Internet Explorer. I'm just pointing out something. People, for their reasons, don't switch.

You can't expect Gar to code the website for every single software/hardware setup.

That's what any good coder should do.

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