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Chat isn't compatible with IE (Thread) - Page 2

@Haikku My high school doesn't, and we've recently gotten some new computers. Besides that Firefox doesn't work in chat that well either. (And it sucks.)

@ngh considering the almost infinite possibilities for hardware/software setups...i hope that's sarcasm. if not... it's beyond unrealistic. it's an impossible task. programmers can only code for what will work for the majority of users. Otherwise the code would be spaghetti. An endless jumble of... If user is running ubuntu with 2 monitors and a geforce video this. We have standards such that when you go to buy an electrical can assume with confidence that it will plug into the wall and work as expected. There are similar standards for the web that good programmers adhere to. microsoft doesn't always adhere to those standards. If an electrical outlet manufacturer began making outlets with 15 holes in them. Would you complain to the hair dryer manufacturer for following the 2 hole standard? Would you demand the hair dryer manufacturer make a 15 pronged version of their plug?

You really shouldn't even be on CL at school anyways.

That's weird. We have IE at our high school and I can chat fine on there.

@Haikku: But then I'd miss it. :C

Agreed, @Kirn. Thats something that NEEDS to be covered in the FAQ.


I myself am not a coder, however I am aware of the way web-builders work. Considering IE was only just recently becoming the minority, what you're saying is redundant. Websites that have been around for a while have had to adjust to these new and better browsers, and they do so just fine. You say this like Internet Explorer is impossible to work with. However, almost everyone was using it just a few years ago. People only recently have built their websites based on chrome/firefox.

And so what if it's hard? Half the people who browse the internet use IE. No, not everything will be perfect on every browser, but at least make it somewhat compatible.

Oh Internet Explorer...

I miss you... XD

regardless, using your school as an excuse is pathetic.

@Haikku What if your in college, and you don't have any other computers to use? Answer that one for me honestly, please.~

I think we can all agree that if you're not on Firefox or Chrome you're not doing the internet right. But what if my laptop/phone/ipod broke? Then i'd have to use the school's computers, and they all use IE. So I kind of see where this is coming from.

@IIEarlGreyII Wait, how are you not doing the internet right if you're on Chrome? I love Chrome! And Firefox is wonderful too! I two-time those browsers all the time.

@pandamari I said not.... .___.

@IIEarlGreyII Oh, well that's embarrassing. flees

Will there ever be a fix for firefox users to change some of the chat problems?

@Neko-Chan ..what chat problems? The repeating messages thing? If so then it also happens in Chrome, other than that.. I don't know what's wrong. O_o

Seems planned, @Neko-Chan
But since @Gargron and @glassx are working on the new CL already, these changes won't happen in this version anymore.

@Kenshn111 its not repeated messages, the way it indents to the next line is completely messed up if you write 'ok' it comes out


or sometimes it will split a word right down the middle just to do a word wrap which it doesnt need to



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