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Who is your favorite yaoi character?(for fangirls) (Thread)

mine is kanou-san and ayase.. they're so cute..>,<

Are you referring to Okane Ga Nai?

Not a fan girl, but I'd have to say Taki and Klaus from Hyakujitsu no Bara are my favorite, although I don't consider the series to be yaoi. It's far too cinematic and has a heavy plot line. I enjoy the complexity of their relationship and their mutual understanding of eachother, despite the fact that their conflicting emotions and the expectations of society around them slam them into the position of being star-crossed.

if we are talking about in-universe couples i think Usagi x Masaki from junjou romantic

fan made couples....i'm a real sucker for the whole Shiazya thing (not so much for the izou side though) or D-18 (dino and hibari)

I like HirokoxNowaki from Junjou Romantica.

Mine is also HirokixNowaki from Junjou Romantica.
From a BL game it would have to be Katsuya x Taichi from Kichiku Megane.
By the way, does anyone know when the Sex Pistols second ova is supposed to come out? They keep changing the date of the airing.

i'm happy that there are few fan girls here..>,<

It's actually pretty great that i can talk about yaoi here.
Thank you for creating this thread. = )

Hm Most definitely Shizaya! <3 Or Miyagi and Shinobu from Junjou Romantica~

Shizaya is a good matching! =D

I do not aprove of this thread :l

(but I won't stop you people from fangirling.)

Why do you not approve though??

@Anemone1 Yyyyyeeeessssss they are! <3

It is good to know that you are happy. And people who are happy make me happy also. = )

I love yah all 8D
Guess mine is...AkiraxShiki from Togainu no Chi, tho the anime didn't show it much lol =3=

Onoda x Deguchi
From The World with Color~

Ritsu and Masamune from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi right now, if we're talking about pairings from actual BL series.

If not, Len and Kaito or Takuto and Sugata. = u =

I'm not a fangirl but my favorite yaoi pair is HirokixNowaki from Junjou Romantica. too bad Nowaki will never catch up... well being science is more important then literature anyway so maybe Nowaki was better to start with.

Ranmaru X Al from ikoku irokoi romantan
Misaki X Usagi-san from Junjou Romantica
Ritsu X Takano from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Definitly Shizaya ♥
They awakened my love for yaoi :3

I have so many...@___@

Ryoji x Minato (Persona 3)
Gerita (APH)
SpaMano (APH)
SuFin (APH)
Prussia/Austria x Male!Hungary (APH)
RusPrus (APH)
and maybe a little ItaCest


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