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Search bar for users/members (Thread)

As the members increase, looking for a particular member for pm and request is a hastle. Particularly if the person you're looking isn't active. Only ways are to look in the threads and in the given list. So, how about providing a searchbar for members? Or, is there already and i just don't know where it is located?

I agree, we had some different memberlists before, but they've vanished from the public some time ago.

I'd appreciate a list of all members with different sorting-modes.
We already have the Latest Members list, which shows the members in the order they signed up (latest first).
What about adding a tab for an alphabetical and another 'recently active' list, @Gargron / @glassx?

@kim: thanks!

@darkchaplain: i think a searchbar is better than a list. Because assuming that the members have gotten huge, you would be digging up thousand of users just to look for a single user. A searchbar provide the quickest way and you can have the nearest users based from the search. Just my thought.

@Kirn just what I thought xD A new member that does not shy away from getting involved \o

Well, a search is only so-and-so effective. If you have issues with the spelling of a name, for example, you won't find what you look for.
If it searches for substrings it can be effective, though.

Like.. searching for "kida" will return every user with the string "kida" in their names, be it you or someone who just happens to have kida in his name.

Don't get me wrong, I am for both, solid lists AND a search =)
If you know how the user's name begins, you can find him really quickly on that list.

However, a recent FRIEND activity is already implemented on the dashboard, same with the simple friends list etc.

For such a long list as for all users, a good strucutre will be necessary.
Alphabetical, for example, would let you scroll until death til you finally reach the Z-users.
Splitting the List in parts from A to F, G to L etc would be a good way, imo

@darkchaplain: that's why i said the nearest users. It doesn't have to be exact. For example if i search kida, these might appear:
kida_shogan. . . Etc.

And lets speculate, we have 260000 member and each letter have 10000 users, you will be digging this massive 10000 users just to look for 1 user.

well, we have 17000, means about 650 per letter.
Scrolling through such a list wouldn't be that bad if we had multiple table columns

I usually search for users using the search bar you find on the right. The first result is usually the profile, usually.

@darkchaplain: we need to consider the future. Considering that we are getting 15-20 new member daily, it's really going to expand in the future. Yes, it's easier if we keep the members up to 20,000 only but since no one wants that, it's really possible that we would be having many members. But it could be implemented too along with the searchbar.

@shirosuke: still, it's inappropriate since it's intended for threads. And, it might be mistaken as a searchbar for users instead of threads.

Just type something like:

inurl:user shirosuke  
inurl:user kida  

On the search bar =]

@glassx true, since it uses google, that would be easy indeed. I vote for throwing it into the FAQ asap :3

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