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I'M LEAVING GUYS!!!!!! (Thread)

LOOK AT ME, I am leaving! Please, shower me with love, to boost my self esteem!


I like attention.

Oh and I'm quitting.

looks at showers with love... no wait, that was water hopes not to get killed for showering with water

  1. ure not leaving bcas i dun wanna
  2. luvs!

Alright, @VolkieVolks and @Lethn.
I'm gonna leave this thread be, but merged those two Volkie-leaving-threads.
However, I don't want to see any more of these spam threads (although I chuckled when seeing what Lethn likes, sexually).


I love you Volkie. Just... never change. ;~;

Yay for more people leaving <3

:3 <3

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