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Re: Re: Re:Goodbye Threads (Thread)

You're all fucking stupid.

All of you.

I mean, seriously. I did my best to look away as long as possible, but looking at all of you acting in such a moronical way, I literally felt compelled by some sort of motherfucking deity to knock some sense into you in the best way I know: Bitch and moan until someone makes sense of all of it.

So, somebody leaves CL. Big fucking deal, gentlemen.

Consider the following alternatives: Some are making a goodbye thread because they are seriously butthurt over someone. Some are probably making it because they are leaving for greener pastures. Some have to go and attend to school/work/family matters, and some are probably making the thread because they are a bunch of attention whores.

Now, think about it. Not you, but try to put yourself in the mind of some abstract motherfucking entity that represents the entirety of the Colorless as a community. Are you entitled to give a shit? Yes. Should you? Of course not! Don't reply to a thread saying "NOOOOOOO @Xx-KAWAIIDESUCHAN4150-xX DON'T LEAVE US OR WE'LL BE SAD UGUU ;________;", that's just asslicking. Don't reply saying that the OP sucks because he or she is leaving, that's just idiotic namecalling and moronic nationalism over a goddamn community still in its diapers. Don't reply saying that the OP is an attention whore, that's stating the bloody obvious 99% of the cases. Don't show your quadruple chin in a Youtube video just to say it's bullshit, that's just-- Jesus assfucking Christ, just don't do it.

You may have three things in mind at this point: "Pato u sux0rs lol", "I'm not reading this fucking wall of text in my life because I'm an illiterate cuntface", and "Why shouldn't we?". I'm going to focus on the last one and say that it doesn't contribute jack shit to the community.

And that goes on both sides!

If you're going to make a goodbye thread, don't. Disappear into the night. It's much more painless, and if you need to talk to someone in here that you care about to tell them about your reasons, then do so personally instead of whoring your life happenings (no matter how heartbreaking they could be) out in a thread. And, if you can't resist your desire to M2AF the fuck out of it (or you're stupidly popular for some reason and the people NEED to know), try not to sound too much like an attention whore. It's hard to do, but it can be done.

If you're going to reply to a goodbye thread, don't. You're just adding fuel to the fire, no matter what if you're trying to call the OP a leaving faggot, an attention whore faggot or comply with the OP's faggotry with a moronic "I'll miss you, faggot". Let the damn thread die a silent death, because the shown purpose of said thread is to notify of somebody's absence, not to swim in replies and reactions like some (Surprise!) attention whore. None of this shitstorm and/or my personal and probably unjustified rage over this would've ever started if it wasn't for the bloody reactions in the first place!

Neither of these actions contribute to the community. Nothing positive comes out of it except rage, asslicking and bullshit threads like the one you're reading right now. Stop making threads about you leaving because this place sucks and FUCKING MAKE IT BETTER WITH YOUR SWEAT AND BLOOD. Stop replying to threads saying said threads suck and DON'T COMMIT THE STUPIDITY OF BUMPING IT WITH YOUR REPLY BY NOT REPLYING AT ALL.

So don't say goodbye with fucking fanfares and confetti. Don't reply in a bout of neckbearded rage. Just don't. None of you are helping. None of you are being smart. If you're leaving because of something, try to fix it. If you're leaving because of someone, slap that bitch. Make threads about interesting shit. Reply saying interesting shit. If you don't want to do any of this, at least have the goddamn decency to remove yourself from the online genepool in a quick and silent manner. And most importantly, QUIT. YOUR. BITCHING. (or do like me and bitch in an unnecessarily grandiose manner)

And then I guess I forgot the point I was making.

-claps hands- Hear Hear~

@Pato, you're amazing. +36 respect points. :D

@Pato, If the "neckbearded rage" is referring to me, ok then, i just felt the need to put my two cents in, i did not think people would take it out of proportions

...I went ahead and tagged the thread for you, @Nandaba 8D

I loled so hard when I read this.
It's true a lot of people have been putting up these: "I'm leaving" Threads and when I read them I'm like yay go away fuckers you annoy me for writing this.

This explains so much!

yeah, I've been seeing those threads a lot since I joined. I don't understand. It is very annoying though. u.u

Why can't we thumbs up the first post?

You can <3 the thread.

yeah, but that also bookmarks the thread :/

edit: eh whatever, I'll <3 it anyway

Is all I have to say to this chain of stupidity going on this afternoon.

i don understand dis thread, im not going anywhere..............

Pato, I love you.


Some spelling and grammar would be lovely and greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

^lol to both posts

Jesus Christ, all i did was state my opinion. If you are seriously going to all bitch in general about this, then i'm better o not posting. i thought this site was ok with opinions, but apparently it's only if the mass is ok with it, keep the fucking goodbye threads.

Goddamnit... Can't I just make a point? I see a bunch of idiots spelling like this in half the threads that I see.

@Sushi ... T.T

You know what? Just ignore this sleep depraved idiot. Or read the above post. Your choice.

Don't worry sushi is just a mean person. You can just ignore it.

please fix @Xx-KAWAIIDESUCHAN4150-xX's name 8D

@Haikku B-But Sushi is AWESOME. Or at least he's nice to me...

And Yes, Pato, please fix the name :D

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