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There are 17,625 users and not 1 is online (on chat) (Thread)

It really pisses me of when there is no one online.
Tell me your emotions about this topic

What? Are you talking about chat/

FAlSE I'm online right now... Or am I???

If no one is online you wouldn't be either.

lol there really isnt anyone

Blame timezones not the site itself.

1st time i seen it empty

Maybe they're sleeping? :/
A good majority of us come from America.
Meaning we all pretty much go to bed at almost the same time.

I'm mostly online here. But connection using mobile is kinda slow.

yup, its not because of people from america (we've got at least as many europeans or asians, like it or not).

as @Kirn said, there are simply downtimes where nothing interesting happens.
The counter of online members is also kinda bugged for some and so people might not even notice each other at times =/

and yeah, agreed, Kirn, there are some that mess up good conversations by jumping in and slapping their own egocentric being into the others' faces, so they leave xD

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