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How To Make Yourself Feel Better After Rejection or Break-up (Thread)

I just had a very shit day and I was wondering, how you guys make yourself feel better after a rejection or break-up.
Whether it's listening to music, reading, hanging out with friends I just want to know what you would do.

This is my current situation if you may be interested:

A frend of mine had informed me that a certain guy liked me (because he told her) and I happened to like him as well. This was about two weeks ago and it was the holidays so I didn't get to see him for a while. Today I felt pretty good about the situation so I decided that I'd ask him if he still had feelings for me and his reply was "no, not at this current time, no" (or something along those lines). I'm thinking that perhaps if I told him that I liked him then he may have gone out with me (since he seemed really nervous) but it was also likely that he genuinely didn't like me anymore (if that's the case I'm glad I didn't tell him how I felt). I don't know, atleast it's not thhhaaatt~ awkward but I'm still feeling pretty shit because I actually had a chnace with him and I really did like him, but now the situation is kinda weird.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Eat a lot sweets :P and watch anime o.O

Watch a movie/anime or hang out with friends. That's about it. You can't help but being sad for a while I guess. Just do what you like :D

Definitely music. Friends. Do something you enjoy to distract yourself. And then when you get to that point where you can think about this guy and just laugh, you've done it.

Break-ups/rejection sucks, and I've been through it myself, so I know.

Hope this helps some. c:

I haven't experience it though.. There's no one i like that way ._.

crying helps a lot. just let it all out. even if you cry by watching a sad anime or something as long as you cry it makes the experience a lot better. theres nothing you can do about it now.
violence does help too. hitting something or bashing something, letting your anger and sorrow out on something helps release the pain that is swelling inside you.

when i feel down i usually brood for a while but i can never hold a grudge or hate for someone for more than 2 days so i end up forgetting it all. there have been some times where i brooded for much longer, after i got rejected way back when i was young and arrogant, and i just wept and made myself feel miserable. that is the exact wrong thing to do. you can do it for a little while then cheer up but if you keep on feeling depressed then the feeling cuts deep and becomes ingrained in you thoughts even after you think your better.

just do what you want to do, regardless of what people say, let it all out. it feels so good to have the negative emotions fly away. do what you love to do and forget your sorrows if only for a moment, to see that you can get over it eventually

Cry all you want!, then sleep. When you wake up, go and clear all the confusions you have. ^^ hope i helped a little!

Thanks everyone, reading your advice makes me feel a lot better :)

"Life will knock as down, but we can choose whether or not to get back up."

Just lie there if you have to, but don't forget you're still living.

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