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SHINee (Thread)

Okayy so I have been in love with SHINee(and Onew/Lee Jinki<3) and their music since SHINee World~ I was wondering who else in the Colorless community likes SHINee? And if you like/love them then what is your favorite song or group member? Just wondering~
(The Song Order is not in when they came out. Its my favorite 6~ 1st being my absolute favorite~)

SHINee Collab
@n1xx ,@Kuroba_loki , @pockymahou and I, @Mairu_Orihara , have decided to have a collab of SHINee and their songs. Simply Ask if you want to join.!
So far our list is:
Replay- @pockymahou Dance cover
Lucifer- @Mairu_Orihara Dance cover
Ring Ding Dong- @Kuroba_Loki Dance cover


LOL @Lycan
I posted that video in the chat once.

Anyway, I like SHINee!
My favorite song from them is Hello. ;u;

@Lycan I SAY HEE, YOU SAY SICA! <333 rororor
I like SHINee. <3 Still more for SJ though.

Jonghyun, come to me.

I love SHINee. <3

Flaming Charisma :3
Minho oppa is my lovey lovey :D

Favorite MV would be Replay,Hello and You're Like Oxygen. and.. sharing these vids :3

drools the most beutifull guys out there......
who here acally got to see them?

@Agitation .. I wish I could!D: They were having their Japan Debut when those Earthquakes awhile ago hit!!;A; Thank God they are okay thou<3

@Mairu_Orihara wow! :O thats terrible ;.; it's so sad what happened. >.< it would just suck if they died depressed thinking about it
i love SHINee <3

@Agitation .. Lmaoo Im around Taemin's age but I still love Onew n them<33 If they died then DAMNN I WOULD BE CRYING!!D:

@Mairu_Orihara aww huggs i'll cry with you XD, i should really learn all thier names :) my fav vid so far by them is ring ding dong drool smexy wings <3 i like the guy who's a 00:10 <3 the one with the strait bangs. how old are the guys in SHINee?

I like some of their stuff but im a SNSD fan boy at heart. Got a soft spot for minho though and i dont know why

Hello and ring ding dong are catchy songs though.

I love SHINee! Especially Taemin and Onew :3 I watched the teaser for the Japanese Replay MV. I can't wait! :D

Favorite song is either Lucifer or Replay... I also like Ready or Not.

@Agitation . . .huggles lolz The one at the 0:10 mark is Key and their ages are:
Koreans go 1 year older because they consider the day your born as year 1.
(American age / Korean age)

December 14, 1989

Jong Hyun
April 8, 1990

Key(picture is Key)
September 23, 1991

December 9, 1991

July 18, 1993

@Ookami-chan .. I know~!!<3 I think it looks amazing and I cant wait for the full thing either<3333 Im soo glad they are starting their Japanese tour up again((:

Key is pretty, and the ans pretty younge <3
my sister's favorite is MinHo :D he has cool hair,an i like Taemin the most( who is closest to my age XD) i love how you accaly know their birthdays, dedicated fan.
do you know anouther k-pop band called major junioR? their pretty good

@Agitation do you mean Super Junior? or is there another band called Major Junior?

I've been a fan since Replay and a fangirl since A.MI.GO :D

Taemin has always been my favorite~

now that they have songs in Japanese I can finally memorize their lyrics without worrying about incorrect Korean orz


Who wants a big CL SHINee collab? :3 @Mairu_Orihara, @Kuroba_Loki and I might do one and I actually haven't gotten their permission yet to tell anyone but I hope everyone can join~

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