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@ Agitation hah its much better and thank you<3 If you find out tell me cause I wanna see that~!!;A;

@Gauche .. Haha we wanna do a dance cover of the songs<333 You wanna try? You can do Lucifer since my ankle is making me drop out~;A; and yeshh<33 SHINee was in france not long agoo~!!<3333

@Edo .. I DIDNT KNOW YOU LIKED SHINee?!?!?<3333333333333

@Mairu-chan Nyah.. Lucifer? D: Can I just stick with Voice and Video editing instead?

Ohh does anyone here plays Pump Pump Fiesta? There's actually Ring Ding Dong on the game. If you want to, I could just record someone playing the game with that song instead? Or I could just record my self playing it.

=w= I tried Lucifer's dance, and it's too hard for me.

@Mairunyan If you're planning to drop out then I'll wait until your ankle is better or you feel like doing it ; w ; I can't do Replay for a while anyway xD

@Gauche It's up to you :3 There's a Chinese arcade game here that also has some kpop but no SHINee ; A ;

How are you all? :3 I've been looking for Binggrae banana milk here for ages to no avail ; A ; It just makes me more annoyed when I see my Taemin drinking it.

@Pocky-chan o-o Pump Pump Fiesta.. I think it's Korean. oh and the New Version of it have Ring Ding Dong. Pocky-chan, does the game your talking about have 5 steps?

@Gaucheychingu Lol, I'm pretty sure it's a different game xD

@pockymahou .. LMAO okay<33 We can wait for more members to join
/excuse for me not to do the dance atm LMAO

SHINee!~!#~!#~@%~!$%~!@ :DDDDDD so awesome music


I just recently began to listen to SHINee and I really like them! My favorite song so far is Ring Ding Dong cause it is so catchy and it just rolls off the tongue, yaknow?

MY KIDS~ I adopted them.. self-proclaimed them as my kids~

@brewers8855 Alot of people love that song for the same reason<3

@deathglare I have loved your kids. I am sorry I couldn't help myself~ :X

@Mairu_Orihara that's okay~ A lot of kids told me the same thing~! It doesn't bother me at all! thank you for loving my kiddies~

@deathglare You kiddies will always be loved by me<3

(All from a fellow SHINee lover. Her name is Ayumi and I recommend her. She does some amazing MVs.)


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