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Neurowear - cat ears (Thread) - Page 2

I want them >A>

Them humans wanna be cats too. But we don't get the nine lives that way.

Hmmm, I really think they're over pricing it. A mindset thing that their using only costs about $95 somewhere online. The programming looks like the only thing that would cost a lot to do...but I don't think its worth the 900 price tag.

BUT I WANT IT SO BAD. Maybe I should make one for my final project for engineering class.

Neurowear: bringing out the weaboo in you.

Even if it's useless, it's kinda cute~
I want one :D

Oh, god, I showed it to people in my anime club.
And one of them would buy them, even with that scary price tag!

Even though I want them too.

@_@ >.<

A part of me is saying that's stupid and a waste of money, but another part of me is squealing in delight like a child on Christmas day.

$899 dollars?

aww i want them 0.0 so awesome and cute!!!!!!! =3


my iner cat is now free

I would love to play with a pair of those ears! But I bet I'll never have the money needed to buy a pair.

@YumiToho LOL!! XD

Dude, guys already have one. There's a reason why guys keep them hidden. lolwhut.

Saw these on Geekologie ^^.

All thats left is a neurotail!

that is sooo cool
i want one x3

I have trouble believing that they work. I saw a video of people trying them on, and the motions looked pretty random.

Regardless, I find them cute. And I don't even like cat ears in general.
; 3;

I wants! [if in different colors]

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