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Who is your Favorite Character from Bleach? (Thread)

Ok so i wanna just wanna know who is everyones favorite character or characters from bleach and to see who is the most popular or has a lot fans in bleach or who is better then the other or start a list from the top 10 to number 1 and so i'll start off my favorite characters from bleach are...

Ichigo Kurosaki
Hollow Ichigo
Kaien Shiba
Ashido KanĊ
Hisasgi Shuuhei

hint: you might add a poll covering the most likely favorites, with an 'other' option

GIN ICHIMARU~~~!!! It's soooooo sad he died!!!! But I REAAALLLLYYYY hope that there is a plot twist in the anime and/or manga though!!! (=**(

Thanks DC i think i might do that as well soon

Anemone i know right i cant believe he died and i almost started to like him but i dont know...he still kinda gives me the creeps with that smile of his's

Ulquiorra - i still don't get him, so mysterious~ AND DEAD ;(

Aizen <3333
such a badass <33

Dead i agree with you that he is mysterious and kinda dark and never has mentioned his past or anything much and i dont get him either but the way he acted he was kinda being a douche bag :T

even thought all the guys in bleach are smexy I will rather go with these gals <3

I luv Byakuya~

Okay.......I love:

Ulqiourra Schiffer
Grimmjaw Jagerjack
Tia Haribel
Neliel Tu Odershvank
Tousen Kaname
Ichimaru Gin

ulquiorra, jollow ichigo and nel are pretty awesome. though my like for nel probably just comes from the nel-cospalyer i know..

@Kaien-Shiba, Ichimaru Gin gets mega points for what his reason for everything was. Trying to get close to Aizen so he could get revenge on what he did to Rangiku. Then in his last words before he died, saying that he couldn't finish what he was doing for Rangiku, but luckily he apologized. IT NEARLY MADE ME CRY!!!!! (>_<) (sniffle)


Yoruichi and Nel. so smexy it hurts

oh and Chad. Devil incarnate. nuff said.

Aizen is the best


I'd go with Urahara Kisuke

:D Others are just bleh. He's the stable one in this anime, haha :D

This guy ^ (Ikkaku Madarame)
And this guy v (Chad )

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