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Who is your Favorite Character from Bleach? (Thread) - Page 6

ichigo,urahara,yoruichi,and kenpachi

That is a hard one.... But I might have to say my top favorite is Yachiru for OBVIOUS reasons!

Noitora and Ulquiorra. They are just cool~

I have too many favorites ill name the top 3:
Hitsugaya toushiro
Grimmjow jaguerjaques (srry for bad spelling)
Kurosaki ichigo

I generally like all the bleach characters but these four just kinda stand out in my opinion.

Rukia Kuchiki -838231.jpg -
Toshiro Hitsugaya - ToshirouHitsugaya001.jpg-

Yoruichi -Yoruichi1.jpg -

Ukitake - Ukitake.jpg-

Gin Ichimaru and Ishida Uryuu ~.<

For me....
It's a tie between Aizen and Isshin <3
Isshin used to be like my fifth favorite but recently i've been getting uber excited when i see him in the manga/anime much more than my other favs.. [though ichi is an exception cause well.. he is... my second fav foreva<3]

I must say after the Aizen and Ichigo transformation, they made my list. Aizen looks really yummy with the purple eyes and Ichigo looks also yummy with the longer hair ... looks good on him XD

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