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PLEASE READ URGENT this is NOT a joke (Thread)

So this is the 3rd time i posted this. sorry if i "spammed" but im trying to do soemthing good here. and i will keep being persistant if you try to shut out my voice. shutting me up...thats just another way of being ignorant and helping humanity get destroyed. whatever im doing here, even if im wrong (which i highly doubt) im not hurting anyone. this is NOT a joke

Hello. Im making this post today because of recent things happening in our world.
I might sound crazy to you but please at least look into this topic. Better safe than sorry.

As many know recently Osama bin laden has been killed. thats a lie.hes been dead for a long time and if he was alive he would be a sick old man who couldnt do anything. they say pakistan was helping him and has terrorists.thats a lie. the government is going to create false flag terrorist attacks on the american people and other places in the world. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS and if you do believe it. Dont let fear control you. Many people fell for 9/11 (and it was a horrible tragedy) and you allowed the government to take away your freedoms liberties and rights. the no-fly list and higher security in places. Also made you think going to war was a good thing. the people in the middle east are innocent. It was genocide. The news lies, the government lies, we all know this.

Please please we have to raise awareness of this. If we go to war with pakistan then it will probably (not maybe) trigger WW3. if that happens the entire world will become a giant prison and we will never be free. If you really wish to live freely everyday...go to school, hang out with your friends at the mall without being illegally searched, if you want to go on the internet and say whatever you wish, play video games and keep millions of people from dieing PLEASE spread this word!!!

We are not helpless, we can make a change. The government doesnt contol us the PEOPLE control the government. We have the power to stop this and rid of corruption.

For more information and proof of these things here are some websites speaking REAL news.
OR if you would like something more simple search Alex Jones on youtube. has alot of information.

This is a war for truth and freedom. This is a critical cross-roads in history, our LAST chance to get it right. Please help us wake the world up and make history for the better.

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