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Do you believe in 2012? (Thread)

alright so theres rumors and evidence and like talks and arguments about this whole 2012 thing and the doom days and the apcolypose and mostly it all points to the maiyan calendar and such and the events and weather that is happening in our modern time today but theirs also other ideas of 2012 from old and ancient religions and like saying earth will get hit by a huge ray of heat by sun killing human life, or like a super disease will spread across the globe killing human life, or like people believe in planet nebula a.k.a planet x will cross earths orbit and crash into us or earth it self will just die apart as huge mega diseaster struck human civilazation

and so i just wanna what do you guys believe in of 2012 and whats your story of whats going to happen on Dec 21 and my oppinion about this is mostly not likely to happen cause its just way overrated and NASA says it self that it will mostly likely nothing will happen in 2012 since they predict the future

no I don't believe in any doomsday. Word might be going pretty down but so far all the mayan calenders and other funny things like that are based on no other evidence then the ones made up by some guys on the internet =___= I know few scientists that laugh at these things all the time

then again who knows, future is funny and quite unpredictable, no1 knows what shit might go down :3

yeah exaclty what im trying to convince other people that it mostly likely not happen and my friend even agrees since he knows more about it

lol whats this about anyone freaking out because the mayan calendar end sin 2012.. come on, its surprising it even goes that far. our calendars all end the next year, yet nobody says "ohmygod my calendar is ending the world is ending!!!" no, the buy a new one. or get it for free. people have always been rumouring with "evidence" that the world woould end on a certain date.. remember 200? remmeber 2002? remember 1000? the end of th eworld ha sbeen postponed so many times, it will surely be delayed yet again.

ikr like the 2YK that happened in 2000 and they said that the world was going to end cause all technology shutted down on that day and such and but when new years came mostly likely nothing ever happened so it was a totally fluke

not "mostly likely" nothing happened. nothing at all. i know it, i watched TV at that moment.

suddenly M. Night. Shamalaalalablaasomethinglan comes in
"You know what? The world wont end because it can't end...because WERE ALL ALREADY DEAD"

/ the screen goes black and the movie ends/


You know what's going to happen on 21st December 2012?
I'll tell you what.
Millions of people across the globe will be doing last minute Christmas shopping and I myself wil most likely be failing at decorating a Christmas tree.......
That's about it.
Ja nee~

No. Simply no.

The movie sucked. Therefore, 2012 conspiracies are invalid.

the movie i guess was good with the graphics and effects and all of the whole plot and stuff was just totally bull shit and so i agree

I'm gonna go against the grain here... and say YES something will definitely happen.

Whether it's of an apocalyptic nature or not... who knows.

But think about it this way. People... and by people I mean the whole world... have known about this 2012 thing for a long freakin time. And because of that... I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a group or groups have some big plans for that day. Lord knows they've had a hell of a long time to plan.

In other words... meteors may not be raining from the sky... but crazy hackers might hack some satellites to have a similar effect.

In other other words... we might not have any supernatural problems... but man might just blow crap to hell instead.

yeah humans might be the cause of what will become of our own destruction in 2012 as you say

Not to mention the various military forces around the world will be on high alert just in case. If some random Kajerkawerkastan country accidentally fires an intercontinental ballistic missile... we're all screwed.

lol tahst exactly the same stuff people said on 2000, too..

Yeah, I believe in 2012. I mean, you can't jump from 2011 to 2013, right?

Okay, jokes aside, I don't believe that the "world will end in 2012". Same thing in 2000. Nothing actually happened. This time won't be different. The humanity is corrupting itself, yes, I give you that, but, there isn't a specific date for the world's end.

@Thoranth you have a good point, where they planning on skipping a year or something ^_^

I think it'll be an ordinary 21st December, though it depends if the world ending is ordinary XD

I personally think it's stupid to base an idea on the fact the calendar ends then, how were they supposed to know how long to put the calender to?
The world will end.... when it ends
Which I doubt is December 21st. It could be any day, just not then.

I guess I'll go ask the all knowing ferret from hell, he should know. If it does turn out to be true I'll just kill him a few times and find a medium which I'll use to make a contract XD

Meh, I believe when the world ends, the world ends. I also believe the Mayans could have run out of stone for the calendar :D.

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