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Do you believe in 2012? (Thread) - Page 5

This hype about 2012 started because of the movie which gave an impossible reason for why it happened; "the Neutrino's have mutated!!!!" <- that cannot happen, as explained by a comedian, Dara O'Brian;

he's quite funny but for those of you who want to see just the reason skip to about 3:20 and he'll explain why.
2012 Will probably have some natural disasters as does every other year, but the 2012 apocalypse theory will not happen ^^

No, the world is going to end when it ends, and it will be great-great-great grandchildren's problem.
I'm going to celebrate the 21st of December, by doing what a 2 month and 21 year old would do, last minute Christmas shopping and indulging in fruity alcoholic cocktails.

I think the whole idea of it is complete BS.God wouldn't have given us a second chance if he didn't see some sort of pureness or potential.He wouldn't just allow us to be wiped out.I mean look at Y2K for example,they said we would all die in the year 2000 and we're all still here not much to my suprise.If your not an atheist supporting the theory(not speaking to anyone directly)then others may use it for a substitution for the fear of their own mortality.Everyone realizes that they cannot live forever and it may make them scared but that's no reason to jump to the conclusion of the world ending.

I personally think its really stupid to believe in the 2012 thing since I don't think we're meant to know the exact date or year of when we die~Just sayin'. Of course if the world does end around any time that I might still be living~I think I might actually be psyched about it, infact I'd be really really happy. I'm not suicidal, I just think it would be a cool way to go y'know. Think about it: Once you go to heaven or wherever u go when u die-They ask u how u died. My answer: Oh yeah, I was killed by the end of the world-Big desasters everywhere(I was just chillin' readin a good book while all of a sudden~A HUGE METEOR COMES DOWN AND KILLS ME AND EVERYONE ELSE.....yeah thats how I died lol I just think that would be so cool.

2012 is BS. Just because a Myan Calander said so, doesn't mean it's true. Sure they planned ahead of time, but the only reason people are believing it is because it's like Nordstrodomus (or however you spell his name). He predicted ahead of his time and some of the events came to be. Soo, people think, because of that, that the events of 2012 will come true. And on that day of December, all the superstitious people are gonna sell everything that they have, trash the streets, do some last minute Christmas shopping, and maybe even kill themselves. While the smart people are gonna sit at home, watch some TV, play in the snow, and chat on this site. Don't get me wrong. I'm somewhat superstitious myself, but the events of 2012 seem like they are going to happen too quickly on one day that it seems like it's not real. There.

I don't believe a word of it. They already claimed that the world would end several times in the past. Has it happend? Haha...NO!
You know, who cares if the Mayan calender stopped on that date. Did anyone consider the fact that maybe they just got bored/tired of making freaking calenders?

But hey, you never know. I could be totally wrong. The world may blow up or we'll all die of natural disasters, disease, war, flying fish monkeys...whatever.

Bring it on :|

the dude tthat said the 2012 thing just died i think..

i don't believe that will die in 2012
that what they said about 2000 and 2006 if i'm not mistaken
life will go on there will be no end to the world
unless we destroy it our self or mother nature!!!

@TehNomZombie Fuck yeah!

If dying of bad grammar is possible, then yes.

Nah, I don't think there will be any doomsday anytime soon.

I believe in cinnamon rolls and tacos but no 2012
Doomsday can be any time but not when you think it's going to happen

I have less than two years left before I graduate, and it's supposed to happen in 2013, so no, the world should not end! D: And I'm still leaving this country for good by then, so no no no. xD

Kidding aside, I don't believe in it.

Well, I believed in 2011 and it came true...I sure hope after Dec. 31,2011, there is a 2012 O.O!

-Read your post-

Ohh. Seeing is believing.
I'll leave the ending of the world for the many-great-people's problem <3

///No clearly not the world nay the universe's end can't be determined like the Mayan calender can you forever write history dates well no eventually you will tire out hence it ending in 2012///

2012 is not the End of the world, it's the Start of a New one.

He who wants and pretends to live the apocalypse, will see it.

He who is balanced in their conscience and heart won't live that apocalypse, because he won't see the apocalypse as something destructive but as a possibility of change.

It's just a change.
Even the word Apocalypse means: "It's something that comes after."

It's a change, don't belive in the natural disasters of 2012, because they have already begun, just look at the news, we are living them.

It's a moment where a period of time comes to an end. The Sun's night ends and it begins its spring, dawn starts to break. The day begins.

If you don't believe or understand me now, you will at 2013.

2012 will be the day when I will take a huge dump that will kill all living creatures known to man, except for me.

I don't believe in it at all. When the world ends, we will know it. This is just my opinion, because I really truly believe in the words printed in the bible, but the world can't end next year because not everything stated has come to pass yet. I'm not saying that all the evidence that science has came up with is wrong, but I just can't believe it.

maybe 25%. Because my yogurt will expire on 2013!

And I still have to see Japan's gundams in the future


It's all fake. I think it's just a whole big scam.

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