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Have you heard........ (Thread)

This is the deal, I was searching about DRRR stuff on youtube and I found this:

and this

and this

and its awesome, really. If you know who is sing please tell me because that's not the voice actors.

Please post more videos like this because there are loads

Old news is old.

I found this like 2 years ago but I thought to make the thread now

We had tons of threads on these. Tons.

can u give me links

Oh my gammit I am in love with these songs!! Please find more please!!

@Momimochi - With Drrr airing on AS... it's going to happen allll over agaaain.

What @Momimochi said. Also, all of those videos state who the respective singer is in the title or video information.

i think these are songs sung by the voice actors, but i;m not sure. I have a LOT of these, heres a few ^___^

This may come in handy hope so

or this


Sorry I don't know how to put the video up

Mikado is so cute in this!!

How bout this:

I love them all!!

these are all cool vids i havent seen any of thee before :)

These are all so old!

This is the full song of this Orihara Izaya version of Renai Circulation

This is the Izaya and Anri version of Renai Circulation

I have Renai Circulation, Izaya's version and Shizuo's version, Spice Izaya's version, Ningen lovers Izaya's version and Magnet Shizuo and izaya, i think... That last one I'm not so sure of...It has 3 people in it and i don't know who the two deeper voiced people are, because Izaya is the higher pinched one, I am sure~! Anyway i have them all on my ipod~!

Also the last video isn't even Anri, is it??? That is the original girl from some other show....Right?

uh.. i just wanted to say that i have heard.. that..

i have heard that the bird is the word

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