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What are you listening to now? (Thread)

What are u guys listening to now? Right now im listening to the seiyuus of khr singing in rebocon 2010 xD

GAH! I want to hear it... But I will patiently wait for the subs.... =.=

.............................. I lied.

lol, i dont think they will sub it

u better watch it now or they may take it down later D<


a7x - nighmare

This. I blame @Kairna-kun.

LOL @ARIMI Me too. xD

@candytenshi It's surprisingly catchy, no? XD

From the renowned Temper Trap

Love Lost

so mellow and nice!

And I couldn't forget my icelandic music.

Dirty Picture- Taio Cruz ft Ke$ha

Listening to right now?

4 Seasons of Loneliness by Boyz II Men

Mairu => Cheater ! I'm listening the same song right now ! x)

Well...just before I was listening to Travie McCoy - We'll Be Alright :)

Just Be Friends - Luka Megurine

Lol same as Arimi xD

lol. what timing XD

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz in my iTunes.

Fude Pen Boru Pen - K-On...xD

LOL I had the same timing with @ARIMI a while ago (see above)..

@ARIMI I lov' "Just Be Friend" song very much!! XD

I'm now listening to "Renai Circulation" << Really cute song =w=!!

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