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Favorite Vocaloid and their best song? (Thread)

Just out of curiosity, who is your favorite Vocaloid and why? What do you think their best song is? :3 Mine would have to be Kaito, lots of people don't like him because they think he sounds too robotic, but he doesn't! ...And he's just too cute. X3 Farewell Song is really well-made, so that would be my favorite.

I love Kaito~ He's got to be my fave, even though I'm not that into Vocaloid...but he's awesome~

But this is my fave...even though it's not an official Vocaloid song...

Megurine Luka is my favorite vocaloid)

I'm going to have to say Gakupo, he's so perverted xD And his voice is really nice. Really smooth and ashy :D

I like Len.. because... he's so cute and... he sings very well!!!
In my oppinion the best music.. is... Adolescence... i think is so beautiful... ;2

Kaito, Luka, Gakupo and SONiKA

=w= just listen to their songs like
Kaito- YOU
Luka- DYE
Gakupo- Breathe
SONiKA- (am... She just sounds great xD)

Yuki, because I'm a pedophile and her voice doesn't grate my ears.

Mmm.. I like almost every single one of them, except for VY-1, Iroha, Piko, Leon and Lola. But my ultimate favourites are GUMI, SF-A2 miki and MEIKO just because I can't choose between them.

GUMI because she has really soft and beautiful voice, miki because of her design which I adore and she also has this soft and beautiful voice and MEIKO because she has many good songs but the only reason why she gets such a bad rep is because of all the un-experienced users who try and make her sing high pitched songs (like Miku).

Len Kagamine and ONE of my favourites songs would be Hot cocoa if i remember the name correctly xD
Len is just so cute and his voice is awsome

Kagamine Rin because she blends well with Miku. For some reason I love their duets like Inverted Rainbow. My favorite song of Rin is Meltdown.

And also, Kaito DOES sound robotic (due to the fact that he is the first Japanese Vocaloid released) and all you have to do is search for a song that he doesn't sound robotic at all. Like Cantarella.

kaito sounds like microsoft sam >w<

EVERYONE :DDDD except the fan made ones

Rolling Girl, Meltdown, Morinomiya's healing House,Anti the Infinite Holic, Bad Apple!!, Evil Series and LEVAN POLKKA :DDDD

Anti the Infinite Holic

i love miku but that kinda changed IM IN LOVE WITH THE KAGAMINE TWINS ren and len are awesome
Hatsune miku fav song-lynne and BADBYE
kagamine rin/len -remote controle
kaito -What's COLOR?
meiko -dont really listen to meiko .._ (sorry meiko)
gumi -mozaike role
megurine luka -dont really have a fav
thats it :3

Len is definitely my favorite. Right now I really like his 'orange'

I like all the Vocaloids in general though. (I don't like Iroha's designs, but I love her voice so it doesn't really matter much. Lily is probably my least favorite voice and design-wise, but she sounds nice too when she's used properly.)

@KinoSakata Some users can make Kaito sound really beautiful :o Actually, that applies to all the Vocaloids, anyone can sound as robotic as Microsoft Sam if the user isn't really good with the program xD No offense, but some people think Len sounds like a Japanese Justin Bieber which is a little too harsh in my opinion! xD But like @ARIMI said there are plenty of songs where Kaito sounds amazing as the others :). Here's two really amazing songs by both of them :).

mine would have to Miku x3
and i the one i love love love is Kaito ^_^

i think its cause i heard a miku song first ,and i instantly fell in love with it :3 and i like her songs even her fashion ^-^

as for Kaito ,i like his voice (i do like the others )but its something about his ,and he's so cute ,especially how he likes ice-cream x33
my fave song from him would be Cantarella and disspearence of Kaito
sounds awesome 0

PS i really want Dreamy theatre and Project Diva T_T

but at the moment im obsessed with Luka's song
'Secret' ^-^ and 'corruption garden'

I have too many favourites to list. I like Gumi's voice, however.

Matryoshka, Panda Hero, and Rolling Girl will always be my favourite songs ever.

Or at least until Hachi and Wowaka make something even more epic.


Megpoid and the song "Montblanc" I love it .
and I really like Miku in the song "Secret police"

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