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Favorite Vocaloid and their best song? (Thread) - Page 2

WELP. I love luka. And my fave song by her is For a Sick Boy

My fave UTAU is Ritsu. Hes amazing. And i like his cover of Bad Apple!!

Okay, I think that Wowaka's album Unhappy Refrain is the best album ever, next to Hachi's Official Orange album.

Yes, it's that good.

I love Gumi's voice the best! I love the song Pocker Face by her!

I don't know which one I like the most, I just like this song~~

I really hate choosing just one, so I'll give you a list, in order of who I like and their songs...

1.) Kagamine Rin & Len (Yes. They are BOTH #1)
-Song(s) Together: Unhappy Refrain, World's End Dancehall, Remote Control, Karakuri Burst, Enclosure.
-Song(s) Len: Another, Growth Life, No Thank You, Bringing the Rain, Boarderlands.
-Song(s) Rin: Migikata no Chou, Abstract Nonsense, Iroha Song, Kokoro, Little Doll, sequence, Love is War.
2.) Megpoid Gumi
-Song(s): Poker Face, Mozaik Role, Just a Game, Panda Hero, Coward Mount Blanc, Bad Apple!!, Our 16bit Wars.
3.) Ryone Yami (UTAU this time)
-Song(s): Romeo & Cinderella, Leia.
4.) VY1 [Mizki] & VY2 [Yuma] (I count them as one)
-Song(s) Together: Cendrillion, Spinning Song.
-Song(s) VY1 [Mizki]: Paradichlorobezen -SOFT MIX-, Palette.
-Song(s) VY2 [Yuma]: Iroha Song.
-Song(s): Haiha Haini, Imitator, KAITO KAITO Nishi Te Ageru.

So...I like a few choice Miku songs like Two Breath's Walking and LeftBehind City, but I'm not a crazy Miku fan. I like Luka's Courruption Garden and Leia too. That's really it for me! Sorry that I couldn't pick JUST ONE, but I'm a picky guy ^^;;

Rin, but her and Len together equals epicness :D

that basically. as for which one of them i like most, i really don't have a preference.

And people say that Vocaloids can't sound realistic. HAHAHA.

Let's talk about Korea's up-coming Vocaloid 3 robot while we're at it.

In my opinion, I like all! It just depends on songs that's all.
But my favourite would have to be Gumi (for now) I just love how realistic she sounds!! O3O

I like them all except Miku..

Luka - Just be friends, the Tailor Shop at Enbizaka, Toeto, no logic
Kaito - Uninstall, Linaria
Rin - I like you, I love you, kokoro
Rin&Len - Gekokujou, Butterfly of the right shoulder, Daughter&Servant of Evil, Why haven't you called me yet, Trick or threat, Alluring secret ~black vow~
Gakupo - Duke of maddness Venomania, ggrks
Gumi - Kimi ni Gomen ne

(Miku - Two breath Walking)

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Hm...Mine has to be Kagamine Len and the song he sung "Spice".
I loooooovvveee that song. -drool-

My favorite is Gumi and her song Pokerface or Final Letter <-- tied with pokerface

My fav would be Len and well my fav song from him is spice that song it just hot like he's cute but this song shows he can be sexy and being a man hoe too hehe(⌒▽⌒)

I really like Gakupo. He's hilarious and has an awesome voice. Paranoid Doll is probably my favourite song at the moment.

crybaby pippo from hatsune miku!! :D

It's hard for me to pick one because I like lots of the songs.
I do tend to stick to the original 3(4) vocaloid 2 vocaloids because when the new ones came along, it all got confusing ~_~

I listen to Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku a lot but my favorite vocaloid is Luka. Her voice is just great though I like Len songs more. Len's voice however, is not that great IMO.

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