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What Happens if Anime was your Life? (Thread)

Well i could actually have cool friends i know really well and i can trust them with my life and also i could ditch school with no one caring much and not getting any homework or projects to worry about and also doing things that i couldnt do or not get in trouble or arrested for, so what about you?

I would die?

don't think i'm lucky enough to be the protagonist of the show :P

not to mention all those out-of-this-world kind of antics.

.... i cant trust anyone... not my parents, my friends, my animals, not the police, not the states, nothing and no one...


anime is real in life :D I get what you mean tho. If I was in an anime...- it be sweet. Like some romantic comdey stuff hehe with some ridiculous antics

@GuMix so....? o-o im curious. there must be something you can trust ^-^ do you trust yourself?

26, only myself and my shovel...


  1. Gender would be almost impossible to discern.

  2. Being a pedophile would be acceptable, if not revered.


Same old fag as always.

@26 well it is real in life XD but i meant like what if your life was anime which you said after

@GuMix lol a shovel? xD

@GuMix o-o a shovel.... x] you can trust me.

@Sushi o-o i think i understand then. i do not miss those years that fosho

@Kaien-Shiba I know hehe i just like to get technical but I know what you mean :D

If we lived in an anime, we would either all die, or experience death repeatedly without dying. Small price to pay for an interesting world.

Life would be a lot more awesome.

We'd. Be. Fucked.

@Kagu agreed.

Who's writing it?

What kind of anime?
Life would be same-old if it was something like Lucky Star. Only difference would be our hair colors.

Are we talking like... all anime... existing in reality... at one time?

Or like, everything plays by the rules of either shakugan no shana or toaru majatsu no index for example.

If it's the latter where the rules of only one anime would be in effect... then we might be able to handle it.

If the former though... yes we'd be screwed.

@Fieyr I literally mean all anime existing in reality like we would all look like our own anime characters :3

Oh okay so you mean we LOOK like anime characters. Not that we're all running around in code geass knightmare frames...

But I WANNA run around in a Code Geass knightmare frame...
You don't want to give me a geass, though, bad things would happen.
like that.

I'd love a knightmare frame and I'd love to use magic and have a random pentagram show up when I do.

i would really like to be the main character and end up with a hot guy.

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