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What Happens if Anime was your Life? (Thread) - Page 2

If Anime was real life then no one would be forever alone since the Main MC in most anime gets the girl.

Isn't it great!! XDD

What are you talking about? Anime is real life~

And on other terms, I'm fine as the original was illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.

If I wasn't drop dead gorgeous (which I'm not), the only guy I would be able to view romantically would be Naito Longchamp.

That is if I was already stomped to death in a Giant Mecha battle. I'd die. The protagonist would lament the loss of life, but since I'm not an important character, he'd befriend my killer in his next sentence.

Life would suck for non-models.

how could you tell the difference between lots girls and boys.
of course the girls with the giant boobs you could pick out in a crowd.

remember those nameless side characters that got massacred?

you are going to be one of them. :D

enjoy the fact that you are not the protagonist

I would Invent Appeture Science Department so i can listen to Still Alive, And then i would find one piece!

I would...fucking rock!

I'd probably luck out and be some odd combination, like a pirate-shaman-ninja-shinigami-demon-cat-angel-girl, only to be killed off within my first 7 minutes of screentime, then I'd apear in the flashbacks of a minor character.

cant trust anyone -_- not even my lolipop

Unless I'm relatively important.
I'll be dead within a week.

Or survive and turn into a Great Chaotic Evil Villain after receiving powers from my near death experience, which in turn destroy my sanity and make me 500x smarter and cunning.

I would be pleased by the unusual things that happens ^ n^
I'm sorry I had to xD from the moment I read the title.

i would like it more if my real life turns into anime!!!

well it would be cool but depends on what anime the people come from,
especially the bad guys would be dangerous (there will be a lot of dead people).

Let me answer you question with another question.
What happens if you divide by zero?

I'd probably still be as fugly as ever xD I'd really enjoy having some sort of power thingy though, like...

except more anime :3

@MissCookie you just made my day of this forum B)

@Noodle nobody would cause i would make caliculators illegal and banned them from the world so dividing by zero wont happen,lol~! :3

it would be awesome!! I'd get to meet Okita from Hakuoki and I'd be able to do alchemy lol XD

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