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Something about life and God... (Thread)

Please note that spirituality does not neccessarily mean anything religious. Also everything Im writting is my own opinion and belief, so if I offend anyone i apologize and please try to keep an open mind as I know we all have our differences and may disagree.

So..i grew up in a christian home. And all my life i felt theres something more to life and the universe then what everyone always tells me. As im growing up now Im starting to develop my own views on what i believe the way everything is. I dont consider myself religious, because I dont believe religion always works. I think it divides us because many churches break of into other churches when theres a disagreement on things.
I believe us humans are all one. One race and one peopel living on this planet. I believe God exists but not how people think hes some guy up in the clouds making judgment if you live good or not. I believe God is in everything and that we cannot understand him and that we shouldnt try to now...people dont even understand themselves and humans constantly fight amongst each other and I dont think we can even come close to understanding if thats what we do.
I believe God is love and creation, and God just is. I feel kind of enlightened and like my heart or soul understands the universe and life and God but my minds too slow so i can't relly explain in words what it is I understand. The only way I could is through my art and creation.
I believe in reincarnation as well and that the purpose of our lives is to constantly evolve (spiritually, mentally and possibly physically?) and grow together, closer to God and the truth.

I also wanted to mention this. Ive looked in quantum physics and theories. Its been discovered that if you take two subtonic particles such as electrons in certain instances if you do something to one it will always effect the other no matter how far apart they are and this is the same with all matter. So once matter is physically joined even when it become seperate the energy is still there connecting them. So if you think about the big bang theory everything in the universe was once condensed into one particle that exploded and constantly expands therfore energetically (and in theory) we are still linked to one another and everything in the universe.

just something i thought was interesting...
Thanks you for reading ^-^

God exists but not how people think hes some guy up in the clouds making judgment if you live good or not.

The people who think this really haven't really read the Bible...

Interesting post, though. So what's your initiative for this thread?

@NGH I know but that seems to be the general image...also that he has a beard ._. anyways

I just felt like sharing and seeing what other peoples view is. And seeing if anyone else thinks like I do lol

I just don't pay attention to religion. Don't really have any religious beliefs whatsoever. It's great for jokes though!

As long as no one has found out what created everything, anything is possible. Science has gotten far into destroying the image that the bible has portrayed, but it still hasn't found an answer to what the creator is. So far God is still a possible answer, but so is the native american myth of the world starting from moss growing on a giant turtle's back.
If you ask me though, having a belief is better than none, so believe what you will and live by what you believe.

@BlkSheep o-o well this is a talk about spirituality not religion. I just wanna see what people think the meaning of life is :)

@Bell I think science and religion can work together. I mean alot of religion is corrupt theres over 26 books taken out of the bible so no one can really know whats what...well never know til we know. ^-^

I think somehow everything connects and maybe well understand eventually. And I really do think anything is possible...I think without us conscious beings here observing everything and creating things the there would just be an expanding superposition of possibilities without anything definite ever happening.

Over @26 huh, didn't see that one coming. :)

I grew up all my life around Christian people. Also, I've been told that I've got a very kind spirit by many or as they call it "Christian spirit." Anyway, to me God is hope. All people need is hope a lot of the time and faith. Also, I'm not saying he doesn't exist. I mean there is crap out there you will never understand nor ever see but it may be out there.

I learned from watching people around me and many other people since I was 9. I've been observing how some people act. If there is something you can't understand whether you know it or not we just don't try to understand what we can't explain completely.

@jacky058 I dont think being a good spirit should be called a christian spirit. That just seems like directing good things to being a christian. I think good can come from anyone and anywhere no matter their beliefs. and thats also very cool Ive often seen god as hope as well :)

I think humans are very curious and we try to understand everything and thats why we have so many beliefs, faiths and theories. Its really amazing actually ^-^ and some mysteries are better left unknown right?

@Bell im confused o-o

@26 ahh, excuse me for not getting the point. Well then... I just think that thinking about the meaning of life doesn't serve any useful purpose, and that we should just focus on what we have going on in our lives now. That being said... I probably won't post anything else on this thread since I don't have anything else to contribute o.o

I don't believe in a god, but I believe that those who do are just putting a name to the fundamental nature of the universe. Religion started out as a way to explain what they didn't know. Now today science gives us those answers so everyone to understand. It's just that not everyone wants to understand it that way.

@26 Im not saying having a good spirit is being a Christians its only one part there are many definitions of being a christian depends on the people and no one knows the true way. Anyway im not some kind of pastor or something just a teen.

@astrogaijin ^-^ i see i find some truth in that.

@jacky058 I know im just saying > < i dont agree with people calling it a christian spirit. And neither am I :)


Science has gotten far into destroying the image that the bible has portrayed

How so?

As far as I can see, science has proved nothing against God. Rather it's just defining nature and the laws of the world we all live in. It hasn't disproved anything.

I second @NGH. God is the creator, and science has not created life by itself. Science simply explains the processes and laws of our universe.

I think its a matter of perspective. Some see science as disproving things that are Godly or spiritual and some see it as simply understanding what god had created.

@26: Yeah, I view it as the latter. :D

^-^ however you see it is fine. The diversity in points of views is amazing.

@26: The thing is, though, that most people who view science as "disproving" the existence of God have never been religious themselves. The formerly-religious atheists I know simply think that the possibility of a higher being is illogical, not that science disproves it.

@Decae that is true in most cases. I think sometimes maybe the idea of God scares people, that God may judge you for things so alot of people dont even try to see it from a different point of view. Thats just my opnion..

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