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Get Colourless in the media challenge (Thread)

I'm no Mod or anything but I have a challenge to all colourless, try to get colourless to appear on the news.
Just like in the show the idea could be like clean up a street or clean graffiti and leave a note in plain view saying "cleaned by colourless" or do something good that could get a mention in the local papers and have colourless mentioned.

I know it would be difficult to do but could you imagine it? Almost all online forums have all these negative feelings by the media behind them about how we're just groups of trolls and so forth....

I think this would be fun to do but PLEASE for the love of God don't -
* Kill someone
* Rape someone
* Blow something up
* Cause a terror alert
* Many other unspecific extremely bad things not worth mentioning

If by some chance it worked pst links to the mentions and so on

._. no... just, no... Sorry

I was thinking about putting up posters or something in my local town... The problem with getting into local news is we have to gather enough people and do something that attracts attention. To get in worldwide news is probably too hard, and this sites users are spread all over the world, so... Getting into the media might be quite hard indeed.

@Lyncan local media is good enough, not remember how the Dollars worked in Durarara you make a small group and make it an idea and watch what happens, although a negative example look at Annonymous and 4Chan i bet half those claiming to be members are not

The problem with getting into local news, as I said, is that we're too widely spread. If 300-400 people showed up would be one thing, you know. I don't know about you guys, but there's like a maximum of 10 active members from my entire country.

@Lyncan we don't need to do anything drastic like all suddenly appear, do something guarilla from the shadows like you said put up posters hehe that is pretty clever

Additionally if you a student you could make a small poster or note and drop it off in your common room, IT room etc.

NO ...
Why would we want to appear on the news ?
to get more users ?
I am quite pleased with the current state of CL , i mean we got about 17786 members already.....

srsly , no

i not very pleased with number of RUS users ¬_¬

If we get on the news, we'll be overrun by n00bs and fucktards.

Also, I like it better if we would do things without recognition. More selfless that way. Do you really want to do great and amazing things just to get on TV? Talk about shallow, man. Tsk, tsk.

there are some good and bad consequences to this idea, but yeah there's only like 1 person who i can meet atm at sydney and i don't think 2 people can do antyhing together to get in a news........

glad to see you've got that idea but no.
I prefer this site the way it is, plus, if this thing gets over run by people who spazzes at anime and shit, I'll be very disappoint.

If the idea is to become more like the anime... that's almost an impossibility. It worked in the anime because everyone lived within close proximity in Ikebukuro and could work together for a common purpose.

In real life...we're way to spread out. If we wanted to have any effect, we'd have to do it over the Internet.

With that said, I too am afraid of the Internet crazies. We could do something, but it would need to be completely separate from Colorless.

If only we were all in Ikebukuro.. xD

Reason they were all in the same area is due to the fact the site was invite only and one man invited lots of random people in that one area.

I don't think it's really impossible. If it were for small countries that are 10 people at max, yes, that would be hard to accomplish, but I think that big cities that have lots of users from them could gather up and do something. Just look at the Big Topic of Locations. There are enough places that have a good number of members in them. If they could arrange an offline meeting and decide to do something like that, I don't think it would be impossible.

I, personally, am very sorry I don't live somewhere with lots of people who are interested in such things. I would love to take part, but alas there is little chance anything good could happen in the country I'm living in...

Although if we're simply doing it with the intention of getting into the local news, it would be easier to do samothing nasty, because as we know ill-natured actions attract more attention. But that only means that if we have to do something good, it has to be big. Does anyone have any interesting ideas? Even if it's nothing more than a random one, what can we actually do? Erasing graffiti, clean streets, re-paint old playgrounds, what else? If we really want to do something like this, we've got to start with the ideas and actual ways to doing it, and then start looking for the who and the how.

Do we want to do it? Or do we simply say "we can't, we're not all gathered in one place" I don't think 10 people and that few, you know.

No please dont make the colorless mainstream PLEASE.

I will have to say no. I think it will lead many people to believe that (If we ever followed through) we simply did all the good stuff to mimic the dollars. Some may also assume that it would be teenagers craving for attention.

I don't know about other places but the media were i live would rather post a kid killing himself, than they would him cleaning up graffiti.

I would love to meet other colorless members in real life and do something together. But I'm rather not get on the news ^^""
Also, I am afraid of what the colorless might become if it went mainstream.

Unfortunately there are barely any members where I live so it impossible here.
Besides english isn't my country's language so imagine if the colorless appeared in the new here, we would have the forums filled with non-english talking people which wouldn't be to good, now would it?

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