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Not philosophical per say, but it brings a valid point. (Thread)

Are you black and tired of the phrase "black people are getting worse" ? Or are you white and tired of being called ignorant racist because you called a douchebag( a jackass causing you trouble) who happens to be black a "gang member" or a "nigga" then you get thrown into the proverbial racial argument "How dare you insult our race!" go ahead, raise your hands nobody is here to judge.

Here is the thing about the phrase "The generation of kids just keeps getting worse" Lets go back to the roman empire, an empire that had everything and died because they squandered all of the worlds wealth that was in their hands.

Cool transition!

Roman empire is dead right? Go to Europe and then re transition to America. Lets start with this paradigm shall we?

400 years of slavery, half a century of segregation, and then the new millennium.

Now try to put this in order.

Back in those days black people were less than human during the 4 dark centuries (No fucking pun intended! DAMN!)

Now, transition to the years of Jim crow, and the civil rights movement.

Black people are "Separated" from whites, but they are simply treated like scum on society, nothing says that black youths did not misbehave or in a rarer case commit felonies, the flow of time marks the KKK as such a huge villain for America that not a single thing a black man did would be considered wrong today if you read it in history books, but the black youths within their society did vile things of their own accord. They killed, robbed, and hated even more than they do today.

There were always issues with black youths, they just transition into today.

(Another transition)

Age of segregation, slavery is over, black youths grow up into adults, only this time there are more notable adults who achieve more. Civil rights leaders, politicians, etc. Still troublesome youths, but nonetheless we have something notable yesterday which gives evidence of change, not just any change a better one.

Awesome transition 2000!

Year 2000, black youths are seen as "foul mouthed" "a shameful waste of education" and "a waste of time" we get it, there are troublesome black youths, it is just the trends that they follow, and the trouble they bring. Black youths join gangs (nothing new), black youths fight (nothing new),black youths do obscene things with less parental guidance(again, nothing new).

Here is what we have today, same troublesome youths, and even greater changes, more African Americans going to college, creating guitar hero, following their dreams, and accomplishing their goals. The generation is not getting "Worse for the wear" it is just that we are tired of seeing the same issues with all this change and we feel a criticism is needed.

examples that tie into this
-Humanity doesn't learn
(We all know this is not true, if this were true then we would have another roman empire by now)
-America is going downhill
(So was germany in WWI, but they are fine now)
-Black youths are rotting to the point of ruin
(Not even close, more parents of black youths are moving out, and changing the lives of their children, there is no "ruin" there is just so little change within the very same issues that have been going on since recorded.)

Light skinned people who are called racist for calling a black youth out when they do something wrong.

This one is simple, they think they are right, everybody thinks they are right, everybody wants to be right.

You are light skinned and make one remark, they get mad and they cannot gather the courage to fight with you because their friends (aka pack of herbivores) are not around, or they are just there to have a good time at the expense of others (ruining others good time with their own).

Fine, here is the thing. You know you are not racist, you know the person yelling at you is a dipshit, you know deep down they are just making an excuse because they think that the civil rights movement was not enough to put them in your shoes. They are jealous of you, they are morons and in the ultimate ending you will go back to what you were doing, go home, jerk off, have sex, eat, sleep, drink and then go onto your next day. Deal with it! One person calling you racist out of jealousy is not going to kill you, but you should know the person is just a jealous mess who is butthurt because his father knocked up his mom and left (We are talking about men here folks, men are annoying, females are bitchy and annoying when they get likethis, if you want advice with bitches LOL don't, just don't)

The point is, black generation keep your head held up high you are not getting worse, you are only improving, people don't learn for nothing

Caucasians who are being called racist by jealous douches, don't fret you are better than that, keep your head held high.

The point of this is, keep your head held high, and keep smiling.

Nigguh... What the fuck.

o-o there are many people of every race who can be "troublesome youth"

Judge one by their mind, not the color of their skin.

You start talking about how 'the generation of kids just keeps getting worse' then suddenly we've gone through black history abridged and the only things you mentioned when talking about white kids was racism.

Around where I live there's mostly white kids around here and they are indeed getting worse. And what I mean by worse is stupid. There are also some stupid black kids there but in the end their skin color or race history has almost nothing to do with the youths of today.

Ummm, I'm not talking about other youths. I am talking about black youths. It is something that I like to discuss with my father who is "losing confidence" in the black youths of today.

And Soda, you have a point (Albeit that last one is debatable), yesterday affects today. History may not repeat itself, but it is a bit hard to shake off effects.

Also, I am not "judging" anybody I am simply pointing out what happens in my daily life and comparing it with "history abridged" I only talk about African Americans aka Black because I am most interested those around me who look like me, and how others see me based on how others who look like me act. I don't talk about them because I am obsessed with what people think, rather I wish to better myself and learn from my own mistakes as well as the mistakes of others.

If you read a book called "Native Son" you will understand my viewpoint, maybe. . . .

This is valid reply as it shows my series of reactions throughough the certainly interesting read.

Nigga please -.-

Dude. I lol'd when @Yotsu was the first to look at this and think "What the fuck."

@Xegis same here, i thumbs up'd it :'D

...your post is something a certain RedOx23 / RedBull23 / RedTaurus23 would compose.

If you lived in a more diversely populated area than your current shitty bubble of a city, people would tear your shit up including other Blacks as well.

The only valid point that you proved here was that you are simply rock-bottom retarded in that coconut cranium of yours. Also, it isn't philosophical because your retardation is blatantly projected thus making it factually practical.

When you started to go into the subject of "stupid kids", I'm almost positive that you were referring to yourself and other individuals similar to you.

examples that tie into this -Humanity doesn't learn (We all know this is not true, if this were true then we would have another roman empire by now) -America is going downhill (So was germany in WWI, but they are fine now) -Black youths are rotting to the point of ruin (Not even close, more parents of black youths are moving out, and changing the lives of their children, there is no "ruin" there is just so little change within the very same issues that have been going on since recorded.)

a) Humanity doesn't learn.
You obviously didn't learn that every time you step into the chat. You always have to open a can of retarded, moldy worms which always results in everyone telling you to simply just STFU and GTFO. It's never too late to learn how to STFU and GTFO, now would be the most ideal period of time for you to practice and master these ancient skills.

b) America is going downhill.
It is going downhill because of stupid, lazy, and ignorant asshats like you. You come on chat talking about how big your friend's penis is, that's okay but realize that was very homosexually oriented. Shortly after, you start talking about how you don't need to work because mommy and daddy provides everything for you so you never have to lift a damn finger. Obviously, your mindset is the root of your idioticy which will cause a plethora of problems in the future both for the people around you and for everyone else in the nation. Your existence is expendable and insignificant, just don't drag us into the same shit as you.
And no, Germany is not fine right now.
Their economy is continually declining as we speak.

c) Black youths are rotting to the point of ruin.
Look in the mirror.
It's stupid, uneducated morons like you that cause your entire ethnic group to suffer. Go get a job at McDonald's flippin' my burgers or some shit, nigguh.


Spooky . . . . .

The fact that your only response was a pic without any supported counter-argument just goes to show how weak your thesis really was.

Sorry broski. You're seriously setting yourself up yet again.

As a black youth who isn't stupid, I think that our generation is splitting in two. there are those who try to achieve and succeed, and then there are those who give up due to the social and cultural pressures exerted onto them. some of us work our asses off in school and in work but this portion is hidden from the lens of the media. instead of focusing on the many successful black people in america, they focus on the black people that have conformed to this new image of black people as the sagging gangster to be feared. in a sense the media plays a large part in how this generation is going to unfold. the media sets this standard for black people that is easily reachable and once we have reached that standard all the expectations of others is that we stay there. I think most of us have the potential to become something much more then we are now and with a little effort and perseverance we can reach that goal.

^ Finally! Somebody who gets the point!

As for you Xegis, Spooky is a nuisance who will not stop stalking me, I will not bother to read his response let alone give him a dignified one. Also, can you stop with this "Setting yourself up broski" thing? While I can change for the sake of bettering myself I won't alter my own values or views for the sake of yours, and honestly you are getting to be a little annoying. If you could cool it i would appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

-With cheese and pasta Mu

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