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Not philosophical per say, but it brings a valid point. (Thread) - Page 3

@momimochi sorry, but commenting on something that has already been repeatedly acknowledged doesn't seem to be a very effective way to contribute to the discussion the thread was created for, especially when you're commenting more on how someone is saying something than what they are saying. if you want to take part in a philosophy discussion, discuss the philosophy, not how best to say it. that should be common sense.

not to be a jerk, but when the only on-topic thing you even say is "I am a very stereotypical person towards other races," I have to wonder if you're here to be a troll and/or make ironic statements. you do realize that says nothing, right?

To be fair, you're not really on-topic right now either, more like...
scolding a user for saying that another user, who happens to be the topic starter, lacks a well-structured explanation on his theories, which is, basically, right, as it was proven before, no matter that it might not be the topic at hand.

Thing is, a text, especially when intended to start a discussion, even more so on philosophical topics, NEEDS to be well-structured and clearly explained,
so everyone can pick the topic up and bring up valid points and does not even need to state that what the starter says does not make any sense.

After all these complaints, a good attempt to solve the issue would have been to re-do the opening post and start all over, taking the criticism to improve.
Hell, if he'd do that, I'd even go and delete the off-topic parts and complaints, but as it is, these complaints are valid enough to stay.

@Mu, improve the opening post so that every panda on here can understand the issue instead of 'bugging' you.

@darkchaplain Agreed, for the most part. That last response was actually a lot more on-topic than the version I wrote at first, which originally lectured on how everything has organization, intended or otherwise. My post at least points out to Momi that her comment was vague and could bear elaboration. I don't think anyone should be discounted from a discussion, regardless of what they have to say, but there's a line between trying to take part in a discussion and preventing it.

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