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What would U do ?! (Thread)

okey this is something that happened, and i want you to answer it, what would U doe if you where in this situation:

There is this girl who has a big brother, in the past the brother and mother always fighted and her dad, every morning there was a fight and she went along with it (she 7, brother 11) until a day came when the mom said that the dad and the little girls brother needed to go out of her house, she went with them cuz the little girl really loved her dad.

7 years later there was this problem and the big brother of this little girl went to hes mother, he always said that it was a whore for the things she did and it could never be forgiven, but still he went to her house and said to hes dad 'if thinks are okey and there are no problems i come back to u'. The little girl always stayed with her dad, the girl is now 14 and she got a fight with her dad, not from only 1 day but already a half year, she felt as if her dad could only say that she needs to do better cuz your doing it wrong. The little girl got sad, she always did what he asked and now she gets this.

In the fight she asked out of fury if she could just 1 or 2 days be with her mom, the fight became so big that said 'fine! if you want to go to her dad bad JUST GO AND DON'T EVER COME BACK'. The little girl is angry and tells everything to him, she had a chance:

1: she could go to her mom to life a girls life what she always wanted but never could cuz she lived in a boys house.

2: She could stay with her dad and fight together with all the problems
they got until maybe one day something good happened to them

-if she chooses to go to her mom she will feel like she is judas to her
dad and feels bad about it

-if she chooses for her dad, she is afraid that only bad things will

And the little girl didn't like the new girlfriend from her dad to,

what would you do in this situation?

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