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What is your favorite dessert? (Thread)

It can only be a dessert you enjoy that does NOT involve holidays. So, no fruit cake, no birthday cake, no ice cream cake (Lets be honest nobody eats that shit every day, too expensive) no christmas pie (regular pie is fine) AND NO ****ing GINGERBREAD HOUSES!

My favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake.

So, what is your favorite dessert?

plum wine :3

Ben and Jerry's Ice cream.
Shame I don't eat it more, but I don't need to get fat.

ice cream vanilla

molten chocolate cake or lefse


Religieuse café ! Pretty much as an éclair but you add crème pâtissière (whipped cream ?). Just after comes the Tiramisu !

I'm hungry now :(

@Chronical What the Jerimaiah Johnson fuck!? Spekkoek is my new favourite desert ;w;

... God those 2 pictures made me hungry Q___Q Can't even remember my favorite desert...

Ice cream cake.
Fuck YOU, I eat it every goddamn day. Why is this thread fucking racist.

Small strawberries.

Hmm... Strawberry and chocolate cake, maybe? Not sure -_-'

Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. :D

NGH can you explain to me what the FUCK is wrong with you!?

Nothing wrong with me. I'm just classier than you.

Essentially it's an almond flavored eclair that doesn't have a beginning or's infinite.....damn the french.

Agreed with @NGH, ice cream cake is the best!!

Giga Pudding.;-;
OREO BALLS ARE AMAZING. If you haven't tried them, go do it. NOW.

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