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Neko characters :D (Thread)

put up a pic of anime neko character (or game or whatever xD)
gah loveless is so cute ^w^

You spelt "Character" wrong.

aye, as @MrTrain (our new Cyan) said, you might want to correct the title =)

ah your right >.<
right ive edited it :3

Kuroneko of course.

aw thats cute ^-^

It just has to be!

nya >///<


Not exactly anime/game but I just had to post theres ones:

indeed ^^ ~cute picz by the way XP

4th pic is so adorable ^_^

@NewlightRinoa Ayumi Hamasaki as a Neko AND a squirrel!!?
Win XD

@im so jelous of her neko ears >///<

Luka x3

Kaito ^-^

Izaya anyone?

awesome :D he even looks cool as a neko x3

Uuuumm, maybe....

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