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First time you had alcohol/got wasted? (Thread)

Just a place to share drunken stories filled with booze and embarassment xD

The very first time I had alcohol was when my parents were having a New Years party at our house when I was like 3. I took my mom's drink thinking it was water when it was actually gin. I took a sip and then spit it out saying it was the worst water I ever tasted. xD

My first time I intentionally had alcohol was when I had a few sips of my mom's candy bar daquiri when I was 14. My god are they good. I haven't gotten fully drunk yet so that's all in the future :D


...What if you don't remember the first time too well?

This was a year ago during my wine-appreciation course. I don't know what to do though the prof told us what to do. She gave me a third of a goblet full, which is regular BUT we're told to taste it. I figured that it's a waste to throw out good wine because we only need a single sip... I ended up finishing one glass, move on to the next wine finished it, then the next one and finished it. I had 3 wines all in all, told to drink water and eat deli/cheese to nullify the alcohol and was NOT EFFECTIVE! I passed out on my dad's car 15 minutes after class ended.


I danced with every girl in the lounge.

Or... spent it going to pee every 30 seconds.. not sure which..

@Yotsuba - you lucky bastard. >.<

it was the last day of a cruise...and i was just chillin with my new friends....super drunk...stuff happened and it was all good in the end. lol im lucky i didnt fall off the ship :)

When I got drunk all I remember was waking up with a horrendous headache and the need to piss really bad.

The first time I got seriously drunk was on my 19th birthday when it was finally legal for me to buy alcohol. I remember having wonderful sex that night, the woman was married, almost got her sister to join in as well, but my little brother cockblocked me.



It was my birthday, we had some gin and mango juice (like, sipping the gin first then the mango juice, it mixes damn well) and we lost track of how many bottles we drank. After drinking we're just laughing in general and I ate some cashew nuts and when I went in our tent, everything was spinning and I threw up. Fun, nonetheless, but the hangover was terrible.

Never drunk but my first time drinking alcohol was an accident. I was in elementary school and I was at the circus (or sports game not sure which) and we were in box seats. I grabbed what I thought was my soda in a cup but what actually was beer.

I spent the night drinking about 2L of Red Square - Red Bull and Vodka, made me 200% more moe!

Ended up sleeping with some randomer and surprisingly I felt fine the next day.

I ate alcohol cherries without knowing it at the age of 13, no big deal, I was just dizzy. Nowadays I don't even touch alcohol.

I never got wasted or have a hang-over or become a man who doesn't know what he is doing or becomes super dizzy. my first time is when i am 7 or 8 my auntie brought some wine and me and my sister drank it all. then the next day my uncle brought a case of beer then i start drinking some of it. but my most unforgettable drinking experience is when i took a shot then by body wants to burp. it id such a painful experience.

I've told a few people on CL my story...

I was at bible camp. I was getting wasted with two other girls. We spent the evening running around in the wilderness like lunatics, then somehow ended up getting naked and having a shower party...?

I'm not yet legal @16 but i had an experiencd already. It was on our bartending class where we had a demo by group we had "redhorse" and "pineapple juice" combined. And the other group was "matador" and "strawberry juice" combined. We tasted it with a spoon at first then ended up drinking a glass. We noticed we consumed all so we need to make a new mix for the judge to score. . . I ended up being dizzy at class. . . But not drunk! XDD LAME!

Not yet legal, and I don't really want to get wasted. Throwing up doesn't look like fun :(

The day before my 14th birthday. My female cousin who was 19 at the time watched over the house since my whole family was on vacation. She threw a party (in secret ofc, but it should have failed horribly since everyone was screaming and stuff. Still no one found out.) and threw all sorts of beverages at me. Puked for about an hour.
Bad idea but a pretty good experience. It was the only time I've been hung over. And not just on my birthday.

We had a game where you was supposed to do a pose and scream like a certain animal and drink if you failed to do it quickly. One guy was an elephant. That elephant sounded like a strangled cat.

@Masaomi_Kida bartending class at 16? What type of school do you go to?

Hmm. The first time I got 'wasted' was when I was 16. I drank all the champagne on New Years, went to bed and passed out. I recently got wasted about 3 days ago. Sometimes it feels awesome, sometimes I feel like throwing it all up and going to sleep...

I recent tossed some back in the day, not a good idea to waste a day on drinking.

enjoyed reading the thread.
so first time I got drunk on my brother's birthday, I was 14 or 15 and it sucked. I remember everything was okay but after I had about 2 glasses of wine (or whatever it was) I just suddenly (!) felt sick and then I suddenly (!) fell asleep. my brother keeps telling me however that somewhere between my getting drunk and falling asleep I did many funny things.

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