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First time you had alcohol/got wasted? (Thread) - Page 3

I've had both red and white wine before. Red is not that good but white is decent. It doesn't have as strong bitter taste to it. All the alchol I've had was with my parents even though I'm not old enough. My dad says that it's ok with them so I gain a appreciation for it so when I'm off in college I don't just drink alot of it since I couldent before, which does make sense if you think about it.

i honestly don't know the first time i tried alcohol, when i was younger my grandma would sometimes let me have a spoonful of red wine. the first time i really had anything to drink however was when i was 14, it was at my cousins house. there was a party going on and i sneaked a beer out of a cooler. i opened it and took a big chug then promptly spit it out. i wasn't expecting it to be that bitter.

The first time I got drunk I was 13. Two girls I was drinking with tried to make out with me at the same time. They basically just slobbered all over my face. I was confused.

Ahh....I remember getting drunk....
Got wasted because i forgot the number one rule to eat...So I was a laughing drunk because my uncle spiked the punch bowl (my mom didn't know...she was drinking it too) and didn't say anything. It was one very funny christmas. XD I still drink to this day when I get the chance.

Last year, I went to a frat party. Came home at 2 in the morning in a taxi cab, and my dad had to shell out 65 bucks for the fare. Needless to say, my parents were not amused, and there was a bad vibe for the next few days.

The first time I had alcohol I was a little baby and my uncle made me try some of his beer. It tasted like ass. First time I got drunk was at a friends house and I had no idea what the movie we were watching was about because I/we was/were so drunk.

i can't remember it but i have a photo where im probably 2years old, standing in my diapers drinking from a beer bottle. After that i've been tipsy many times but the 1st time i got drunk was at a braai of my best friend: I was being awkward around new people when a guy forced me a glass of box wine. It tasted horrible!! I just wet my lips now and then. The guy saw after a while that my glass was practically still full. I told him i don't drink and he challenged me to down the glass. I beat him and he was so surprised and made excuses that he wasn't "ready". So he poured me another glass and i beat him again!
At that point i was tipsy. We started playing drinking games where this guy gave me glass after glass of wine to down (he was trying to get in my pants). Next thing i remember was waking up in my bed the next morning.
My friend told me what happened: I got hold of a book and threatened to hit the other people. Later it was taken away from me for fear that i might do it. When my friend and her brother carried me to the bathroom, i 1st fell over the heater then randomly fell down and didn't get back up and they thought i had died! Her brother took video's of me being silly and drunk, and teased me with it for days!

Since then i haven't had wine again (mainly because it just tasted KAK!!)

Well, the first time I tried alcohol was yesterday and the stuff IS NASTY. I spat it out.
It wasn't even hard liquor of any sort, it was Bailey's. No way in hell I'm ever drinking again. xP

@Corabelle That's what they all say... :P

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