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[IT'S OVER!] I Am Hosting an Internet Radio Show! (Thread) - Page 4 :3c

I'd like to hear this :3c


nice :D Listening now.. =w= So relaxing after school =w=

This is quite cool! Loving it.

Ok I didn't read the whole thread, but I am thinking can we like request a song and record a small clip that sorta says : This is a song for ____ or wishes and stuff like that so you can dedicate songs to people? <3

Hero by Skillet:

and some vocaloid xPPP

Just be Friends:

Anti the Infinite Holic:

World's end Dance hall:

Rolling Girl:

Mosaic roll:

PErsona 4 Pursuing my true self full ver:

Persona 3 Burn my Dread:

Heh, Hetalia:

I know i have funny taste in music :3

Requestan game music. I wanna hear this.

Soul Drive ~Persona Live Band Style~

Sadly, I have to get ready for work. As such, I have scrapped the plans for Vocaloid, Touhou, and requests block, and have instead pushed them to the next show, which should be around in less than a week, whenever I have a day off from work.

Until then, I have a couple anime OP/EDs, then HOTBLOOD OUT THE ASS. It will go on after I leave, but will end when all the tracks have played~

I love you Acostoss, just sayin'
I really hope I'm around for the next show~

@Teryn I hope you are, as well. I will attempt to make it more known, next time, by announcing it a day or two prior, and build up requests from there~
Listen to the next bump, after this song, for details.

Damn, I left though so I could read this book for school. ; A;
I'll probably find out about the next show on Twitter. -w -

good call @56 with Glados, love that song. Any chance for some Radiohead or High and mighty color

Glad I saw some AC/DC and Queen
^_^ nice playlist

I really missed most of the stuff I sent Momo? XD Sad me, for being in europe OTL
Then again, I wouldn't have been able to stay awake if Thunderstruck played...

Thunderstruck PWNS, totally worth it.
DW op : One reason

Maria Holic op : HANAJI

aggh i mixed soemthign up, the band for matoryoshika is not UVERworld, it is NICO touches the walls

@Tsunemi OH MY....Thank you for the songs, I have been searching for the full version of ,,One reason" for so long.
Thank you X 1000000000000 !!!

why the hell is it over ?! ;____;

@GMYui lol No problem X 1000000000000 !!! x'D

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