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Tell meee e___e I need to know Q__Q (Thread)

In the manga Ouran High School Host Club do the twins continue to do twincast?! TELL ME FAST e.e

IDK, google search is your friend evii-chii.

Dude ... I tried! NOTHING! Q_Q

Gomen >_<


I don't understand what you mean.
Is it possible that you meant:
-"Ouran High School Host Club" instead of "Our high School Host Club"
-the word "do" instead of "to"
-"twincast" as "twincest"

They do twincest up to the very end.

:O NO TWINCEST!!!noooooooo!! thats so sad D:

@-Masaomi_Kida- Those are spoilers, you should delete your post dude. :/

@NGH: done already!! BTW, thanks for reminding =D

Hey, hey. Just because they insert word here doesn't mean it's the end of the world. What they did was a good thing. For themselves. Not for the fangirls.

Do that manga is already finish?

uhh quite a while ago, yes.

Oh....I how many volume they produce?

Huh, i didn't know that...Wow, is it more obvious in the book or something, because I REALLY didn't think it went THAT far... O////o

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