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Post Your Hobby Here :D (Thread)

Well. . . Im bad at english, so i'll do that i say. I'll post my favourite hobbies :D This time i post. . .

Pen Spinning, with my friends ^_^ (i dont appears D: )

A little of XCM, but almost nothing

Well cl. . . What's your favourite hobby?

TENNIS. and videogames... Im such a bore... :P

Videogames. Books. Tabletop ( Warhammer Fantasy & Warhammer 40.000 ). Blogging. Moderating /shot
Yes, I'm a nerd.

I like making noise with my guitar, playing videogames that I suck at, singing, dancing, reading, drawing, and making crafts and random stuff. I love learning new things, so I am always trying out new crafts or whatever. Oh and I cook on the side XD


Im playing the piano (for about 12 years already and its more like a habbit than a hobby), learning languages and watching anime. also reading books and playing video games sometimes...
btw @GomuBoy Pen Spinning looks awesome, never heard of it before.

@Ecstasy never? o.o It has to worldwide tournaments and associations such as Japan, Germany etc. . . An example of the Japanese, also called JEB. That made ​​her last collab when the Japanese disaster for Cheering

Pray for Japan 1

Pray For Japan 2

Pray For Japan 3

Pray For Japan 4

Pray For Japan 5

It was a global project, for which thousands of spinners sent their combos along with your messages of encouragement

Astronomy, snowboarding, tv, eating, golfing.

Guitar, Videogames.. Guitar.. Games.. Gui-/SHOT.
CoD.. /respawn't

That pen spinning thing is soooooooo cool. I want one of those pens, I can do like 1, maybe 2 spins with a biro, then it falls.. But yeah, that spinning is sick, yo.

@GomyBoy reminded me of

idk why.

woah, snowboarding was mentioned by astrogaijin. I'm not a pro but sometimes we do it with friends in winter. rarely though. and I suck at it. but its awesome anyway.

Interesting. . . Im in a forum ( Its Spanisch Pen Spinning Comunity, well, some of my friends of there do Rubbik's Cube, but only 3x3, I've seen them talking to each from 4x4 or 5x5 for example, & others Rubbik's Objects :D

I have 4x4. took me about 2 weaks to make it. but I was cheating and used a guide xD still remember the mechanism. never tried to make it fast though.

and ofc I was trying to do it when I had some spare time. so about 20 min. a day or smth..

Ma friends talks about a "Rubbik's Twist" or something like that. . . Know u something?

@Ecstasy I know someone who can do a dodecahedron Rubbiks cube

I review various music and put together playlists worthy of the gods, I'm proud of my creations~

Rubik's Twist is not that hard I guess. I've seen it a couple of times. never tried myself though. ppl also call it a rubik's snake

@astrogaijin wow, is it 6x6? awesome.

I've remembered my childhood now xDDD had so many diffrent puzzles and brain-twisters. sorry, it must be off topic.

O.o Its coool xD I saw a few days ago, a lot of Rubbik's Obect, like one That was all the same color, but the pieces are uneven, and I think it was more complicated

Sleeping, watching anime/reading manga, videogames, and hanging with friends. Too bad I stopped playing the piano. -Regrets it now- T-T.
Sorry I'm boring :x.
@GomuBoy Nice spinning :3

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